July 24, 2015

Why The Best Retailers Use 'Micro-Personalization'

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Retail Trends - Personalization & Big Data [Source:]

One of the things that made the television series Mad Men so endearing was how quaint and simple the corporate world used to be a half-century ago. The popular television series shed light on Madison Avenue of the early 1960s. The world's largest advertising firms were run by brash, creative men who had little use for predictive analytics or customer relationship management (CRM) software.

Of course, no such technology existed back then. The series takes place more than 50 years ago, when the most sophisticated computers took up an entire room and operated on punch cards. Back then, customers were told what to covet by bold advertising campaigns. The idea was that a catchy jingle or repeating the name of a product over and over again over the airwaves would settle deep within a consumer's inner consciousness. The next time they went to the store they would inevitably buy that product.

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March 27, 2015

Digital Marketing For All Five Senses?

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Digital Marketing
Most digital consumers don't even realize that they are being bombarded with numerous sensory cues in carefully calculated orders and methods in order to get them to click and purchase

In many parts of the world, television shows about food - or, more specifically, how to prepare it - are spectacularly popular. What we eat and how we cook it apparently says a lot about us. In fact, there's even a lovely movie - The Hundred-Foot Journey - about a stodgy, elderly expat learning how to cook with an array of Indian spices.

The movie is really about this pensioner learning how to live and love against a backdrop of cooking. Indeed, what's so powerful about food and its preparation is that it's a wonderfully powerful assault on all of our senses. That said, one assumes marketers know about sensory stimulation and how best to utilize it when selling us products - especially online.

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