July 24, 2013

How Sustainability Becomes a Strategy

Posted by Ankush Patel (View Profile | View All Posts) at 8:00 AM

We need a Plan B because, as the former president of Costa Rica, José María Figueres, says, "there is no Planet B."

Those of you who have been fortunate to travel to Costa Rica have probably come away impressed that the country's population is working towards the tenets of sustainability. When an entire nation can proclaim its appreciation for la pura vida (being full of life), we shouldn't be making excuses for our own communities and companies not doing the same.

President Figueres has joined a group of prominent political and business leaders, including Virgin Atlantic's Richard Branson, to form a global initiative called Plan B. Branson is already known for his company's Carbon War Room, which challenges his fellow entrepreneurs to begin putting their commitment to sustainability into practice.

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October 31, 2012

Making Sense of Sustainability

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Any discussion around business aspiration usually starts out as a simple, even monosyllabic exercise - "growth", "profit", "share". With a little bit of probing, there comes the realization that aspirations have grown along with the organization, taking on as many dimensions as the organization itself. That's why, a corporation can no longer grow beyond a certain size without aspiring to social responsibility. Which is one big reason companies begin to think 'sustainable'. But the other reason is even simpler. It's profits. 
More and more companies are embracing sustainability, and doing so profitably.  And this is being pursued at levels as seminal as the competitive strategies of some of the world's largest enterprises. Business leaders are beginning to take on a number of the world's most important social, environmental, and economic issues, and starting to tackle it energetically even as they boost their top line.  I think, our times present us with a great opportunity to focus on productivity gains. As it does for our clients.