April 13, 2015

Automotive Megatrends 2015: Connected Vehicles

Posted by Jeff Kavanaugh (View Profile | View All Posts) at 7:52 AM

I attended the recent Automotive Megatrends conference in Detroit (Dearborn, actually, across the street from Ford world headquarters). It was an exciting event, with 500 participants, an exhibit hall, and 45 speakers who showcased three prevailing trends in the automotive industry: powertrain innovation, vehicle light weighting, and connected vehicles. It was a powerful statement about US manufacturing, and I was proud that my firm (Infosys) was a major sponsor.

While powertrain and light weighting are vital to improved mileage and performance, I was keenly interested in the connected vehicles track. This marriage of Detroit and Silicon Valley has energized the entire industry, and on the surface, it seems to reinforce the renaissance of American manufacturing overall.

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March 20, 2015

Hackathon: Bringing Design Thinking and Agile to Life

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Fly me to the moon!...
Droning a good way! Uplifting ideas from Team DroneIT

March Madness began a little early at Infosys last weekend with its first US Hackathon, conducted in the Dallas area. While the rest of the country was busy contemplating their NCAA basketball brackets, several intrepid teams were in their local office working around the clock to create working prototypes. What better way to spend a weekend?

Besides the lure of the champion's prize and the adrenalin rush of conquering a tough problem, this was a great opportunity to see Design Thinking at work in real time. It was amazing to see the teams start from essentially a zero base, armed with only an idea, and create a technology stack and demonstrate a working prototype in less than 48 hours.

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April 25, 2014

Auto Pilot: Emotional Connections through AI and the Internet of Things

Posted by Jeff Kavanaugh (View Profile | View All Posts) at 7:17 AM

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Some people love their cars. How many other objects can make a stereotypical middle-aged man justify spending a Saturday morning to hand wax his four-wheeled beauty? But for all that time spent doting over an automobile; the simple fact is a machine just can't love you back. At least not yet...

Even a rusty old bucket of bolts can take you from point A to B just as quickly as a brand new luxury sedan. Given this logic, why do human beings spend so much time and energy loving their cars when there is no rational reason to do so? Believe it or not, this example illustrates the promise of artificial intelligence as well as the burgeoning growth of the Internet of Things.

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