July 14, 2014

Leveraging the Internet of Everything

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Maximizing value from data explosion - social development with insights than mere intuition [Source:]

When oil prospectors began striking it rich in the American Southwest during the 19th century, each one would hope for a "gusher." That meant that he had drilled deep enough into a well filled with oil and the pressure under the earth would force it up in a large plume. Gushers took a while to cap, and millions of gallons could be lost over the landscape until rig workers got them under control. But once it was capped and a pipeline brought in, the prospector could expect to tap into exponentially more oil for weeks and even months. The story of the 19th century oil boom is not unlike what's happening today with the global data boom.

Enterprises are benefiting from the fact that exabytes of data (that's 10 to the power of 18) are created every day. The most successful enterprises control those gushers of information, cap them off, and direct them in pipelines to the right places where that data will be parsed and utilized. The World Economic Forum's latest Global Technology Report (GTR) points to this data explosion as part of the inevitable growth of the Internet of Things. So far, only a small fraction of things that have the potential to be connected digitally are indeed connected as such. As more devices - from sneakers to toaster ovens - become connected to the IP networks, all that data will begin a profound transformation. According to the WEF's experts, we're going to begin to see significant amounts of data result into actionable information.

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June 11, 2014

Why We Won the Alsbridge Innovation Award?

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Ian Chatfield, Customer Experience Director, Openreach Service talks about this engagement

"Think fast." That's what you would say to your team if you are the head coach trying to win a tight game. In a different context, that is what an executive wants her colleagues to do when dealing with customers - especially the unhappy ones.

Customer service and engagement is probably the most important and yet the most overlooked aspect of a company's operations. It is a good example of why innovation must begin at an organization's lowermost level (with customer service agents) in order to have the most lasting effects on a company. Not everything, you see, in an organization can trickle down. Innovation must also travel up the chain.

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June 25, 2012

Strategic collaboration: Vital for future growth

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In today's world of ever-changing dynamics and unprecedented market conditions, global businesses are challenged to sustain their competitive advantage. I believe in the constancy of businesses seeking newer ideas from within and also from their partner ecosystem.

Innovation is necessitated by the need to change and to challenge the norm, for the improvement of a process, a system, an organization or the society at large. Co-creation and innovation continue to resonate in my mind when I monitor global trends in action across industry sectors, and more so, in the telecom sector. We, at Infosys, continually work towards delivering business value for our clients with these concepts ingrained in our strategic directives. So, how does one enable value? One of the quickest ways to do so is to partner and leverage investments to create new growth opportunities on a  mutual basis.

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