August 22, 2014

Cloud's Future Is About Freedom of Choice

Posted by Saju Sankarankutty (View Profile | View All Posts) at 11:41 AM

9 Cloud Trends for 2014 by Infosys [Source:]

We know the old adage: Don't put all your eggs in one basket. It seems that global enterprises are overwhelmingly using this maxim when it comes to adopting a robust cloud strategy.

They are accomplishing what I like to call a cloud 'freedom of choice.' That is, first adopting the appropriate hybrid clouds for their organizations and then choosing multiple clouds among those hybrid models. Such a multi-faceted strategy is not surprising when you consider the fact that spreading your enterprise's data and operations exposure to multiple sources reduces risk and creates many lucrative business opportunities.

Beware of fragmentation, however. Imagine storing your eggs in various baskets, but the different basket owners won't let you transfer eggs between the baskets. They're cajoling you into using one, overarching Cloud service (their service, of course!). Well, that defeats the point of enjoying Cloud diversity and freedom of choice. The dangers of fragmentation are why organizations need the right Cloud Ecosystem Integrator. That way they can leverage multiple, hybrid Clouds and maintain compatibility between all of them, regardless of the Cloud provider.

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