April 30, 2013

Autonomics - Automation with Intelligence

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I have always been intrigued by the possibility of 'doing more with less'. More output with less input, conservation of effort and energy, increasing productivity - it's all so fascinating especially when managed intelligently without compromising on ethics and ecological balance. The same applies to IT services. If less human effort can be consumed to resolve routine issues, talent can focus on higher-value activities and higher order purpose. This means automation - the execution of activities without human intervention based on pre-determined business rules. This does require someone to initiate a tool or write scripts to automate a process. But, what if automation itself can be automated? There comes the concept of autonomics.

Autonomics is all about building expert systems that are self-learning and self-healing. Can we build software 'robots' to take over the task of writing scripts or initiating an automation? Can repetitive, predictable tasks be executed by a 'virtual engineer' who learns in much the same way as a human engineer does? Thereby, can we free-up talent to work on more complex tasks that require visualization, imagination, team work and collective wisdom?

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December 6, 2012

The CIO Mandate: Innovate

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There isn't a CIO who'd argue the point when I say it's no longer enough to ensure or even increase operating efficiency. We must all reinvent our businesses to keep pace with the hyper-evolution around us. Consumer consumption patterns are changing. Formidable new competitors are springing from almost nowhere. And technology, of course, goes obsolete even before one has it fully figured. It's no surprise, then, that CIOs - like all business leaders - are called upon to think fast...about how to dull the brunt of rapid change that can otherwise render their enterprise impotent. And as catalysts for change, they enable practically everything from new products and new revenue streams to new market exploration and new business model creation.

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November 28, 2012

The CIO Mandate: Optimize

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Let's me begin, once again, with a client tale or two. 

Harley-Davidson contracted Infosys, in a 5-year agreement, for management of over 1,400 business applications, end to end infrastructure management and data center to network to help-desk. We have been engaged to optimize their local services delivery center in Milwaukee, also connected to their worldwide network, to ensure the center delivers elastic computing capability. Then, there's a class I American railroad company that we're helping by moving their datacenter operations to a private Cloud. Just consider this large building with hundreds of servers, routers, networks and cooling units now packed into a few boxes all set to go on a Cloud. We'll take charge of the management of their legacy applications with no disruption in business continuity. Once installed, the new setup will bring down costs for the enterprise by almost 50%. Yet another case, is that of Ricoh in Europe. We helped them move their entire infrastructure to a private Cloud. This move rendered redundant over 1000 servers! Ricoh was awarded the prestigious Green IT Award 2012 in the 'Best Cloud/virtualization project of the year' category.

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November 22, 2012

The CIO Mandate: Transform

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Recently, Infosys was selected as sole partner by one of Europe's top insurers to run their strategic IT services; but with a difference. We are contracted to help them, over a period of 7 years, not just with IT activities but to transform and execute allied customer-facing operations as well. This was followed by a similar move by a consumer products giant. They struck a 5-year deal with us not just for application maintenance, but to manage all their indirect procurement and business processes, in 15 different languages, impacting customers across 100 countries. These are not just two stray instances. I can clearly see the trend. In a fragile global economy, as enterprises find their value chains increasingly pressured, CIOs - alongside business - are taking on the transformation mandate and helping strengthen the value chain.

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September 24, 2012

It's Time to Rethink that Data Center

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What Ricoh achieved was no mean feat - removing more than 1000 servers across their Europe-Middle East-Africa operations and reducing their carbon footprint by nearly 17K tons of CO2 - the equivalent of emissions from 3350 cars. Ricoh, for whom Infosys implemented a private Cloud infrastructure, was recognized with a Green IT award

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July 25, 2012

No outage, please!

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I am talking of ensuring 100% reliability and efficiency of the enterprise IT infrastructure. This is to make sure there's minimal - or better still - no outage.

While on the subject of outage, the adage 'first things first' comes to my mind.  When I was all set to move in to my new home, everyone in the family wanted to ensure that their stuff worked fine.  My wife was concerned about the refrigerator, the washing machine and the microwave having made the shift in good shape. For the kids, the TV, computer and Internet connectivity were top priorities. My builder checked the fans and air conditioners. My own focus was on something else and distracted for a minute I shut off the main power supply. In the next minute, all hell broke loose...there was pandemonium! 

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March 28, 2012

Different strokes for different folks

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As I experience the energy unleashed by and in emerging economies, I realize that my decision to work in India after I got my Master's degree was the right one. What brought this point home was a recent report I read which stated that the combined GDP of emerging and developing countries - measured in PPP terms - is set to overtake that of advanced economies in 2013. This news is highly significant, highlighting as it does the fact that the balance of economic power has shifted.

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