April 29, 2014

Go Hybrid: Combine Growth with Cost Efficiencies

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The business world can't really get over the fact that Apple, a perennial winner of countless innovation awards, spends just about 3 percent of its annual sales on research & development. (The average for consumer electronics firms is 6.5 percent.) Wasn't it supposed to be expensive to be innovative?

The fact uncovered by recent studies - that there's little correlation between R&D spending and a company's financial performance could be a tough pill to swallow across much of the corporate world. That's because a long-held assumption is that in order to grow, an enterprise can perhaps sideline operational concerns like efficiencies but must focus like crazy on developing new products.

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September 21, 2012

Balancing Strategy and Execution, Globally

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Recently we announced the acquisition of Lodestone, a global management consultancy firm headquartered in Zurich. This means we are now equipped, more strongly than ever before, to serve up deeper consulting offerings for our clients in Europe and the world over. The combination of our breadth of capabilities and Lodestone's extensive experience, of driving transformational change, will provide our clients a world-class team to accelerate transformation and innovation-led growth. But, for us, this journey to fortify our business transformation capabilities - so our clients can quickly identify trends, imagine new possibilities and create the means to disrupt the market - began almost a decade ago when we first saw a convergence of opportunities for us to make a difference.  Most leading consulting firms, then, had not globalized their business models, had not integrated technology and business value thinking, and had a shaky record of delivering results on engagements.  We decided to get right in and drive changes in the profession.                                   

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April 23, 2012

Experience tomorrow's enterprise

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In my ongoing discussions with CEOs and executives, I find we are all looking for the same things - ways to quickly adapt to the changes around us and drive top-line growth. Large business and technology shifts are shaping the future and we are looking to harness the opportunities these forces are creating. With increasing clarity, I can see 7 key trends that are at the fore. For instance, one that you couldn't have missed, is the advent of the digital consumer and how her demand for personalization is upsetting the apple-cart of existing business models. We have shared our point of view, on building tomorrow's enterprise, with over 100 global corporations, and conducted innovation co-creation workshops with over of 50 of these enterprises. In fact, we are consistently putting our business and technology investments into these areas so our clients are equipped, for tomorrow, with all they need to not just manage change but spark the next wave of growth.

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