October 5, 2016

Why India May be at its 'Good to Great' Moment Today

Posted by C. N. Raghupathi (View Profile | View All Posts) at 7:13 AM

Why India May be at its 'Good to Great' Moment Today

The World Economic Forum's India Economic Summit 2016 is scheduled to be held on 6th & 7th October this year in Delhi, and Infosys is proud to be a strategic partner of the Forum. The theme of the event is 'Fostering an Inclusive India through Digital Transformation', clearly articulating the inflection point that India is at now. To explain our situation, I would like to borrow from the well-known book by Jim C. Collins, 'Good to Great', in which he describes the example of an egg. By itself, an egg may seem rather ordinary, until a chicken is hatched. And that is the wonder of nature, because there were some complex growth and developments happening in the background, before we witnessed the transformation.

As a large diverse country, the elaborate changes underway in India may similarly not be obvious. I wanted to share a couple of examples of how I believe India is becoming inclusive through digital transformation. One big launchpad is education. VJTI Engineering College, Mumbai is doing some innovative work through their smart grid CoE Lab, where they are building the intellectual capital around smart grids. The recently launched PSLV satellite had equipment designed by engineering students from PESU, Bangalore. In this, we get a glimpse of a growing population of youth who are almost literally aspiring, and can aspire, for the moon. The digital revolution sweeping across the country is making this and so many other things possible. The 19,000 startups in India, as of 2016, is yet another testimony to India's potential of becoming 'good to great'.

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August 10, 2012

Building tomorrow's nation

Posted by C. N. Raghupathi (View Profile | View All Posts) at 7:38 AM

India's growth, over the last 2 decades, has been phenomenal. For the majority of us urbanites who stand at the cusp of India's transformational journey it's a rewarding experience. And, we barely see beyond the cocoon we are ensconced in. Yet, there lies a world beyond - Rural India.  72% of India resides in villages. And a significant section of these 6,50,000 odd villages does not have a single bank branch, leaving a speculated 40% of India's population unbanked. When it comes to insurance, the situation leaves even more to desire. Only 15% of the Indian population has life insurance in any form. The Indian Government, needless to say, has initiated powerful schemes to remedy this situation but still needs a vehicle to effectively carry this forth.

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