June 7, 2013

Creating an Educational Solution for Tomorrow's World

Posted by Franz - Josef Schuermann (View Profile | View All Posts) at 9:47 AM


Franz-Josef Schuermann, Country Head - Infosys Germany, with Aart de Geus, CEO, Bertelsmann Foundation

It's always encouraging to hear when the private sector offers hands-on solutions to the world's most pressing public problems. Take education. The Germans are well known for the unique way they structure their education system. From the time a student is enrolled in kindergarten, teachers begin assessing a child's intellectual strengths and weaknesses in order to channel them into various tracks.

One track is for the university-bound. These students will someday grow into refined, young adults reading Goethe, studying Nietzsche, and listening to Bach on Germany's ancient college campuses. Some of these college students will go on to graduate schools in various medical, legal, business, and artistic fields. Yet others are channeled into engineering schools, where they'll learn how to design and build the world's next generation of bridges, skyscrapers, and computers.

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