January 14, 2016

'Zero'ing In On The Formula To Success

Posted by Gopikrishnan Konnanath (View Profile | View All Posts) at 11:24 AM

Organizational innovation: Between structure and white space [Source:]

This week, our leaders across the world gathered in our Bangalore campus to reflect on the last three months, and chart the way forward for the toughest quarter ahead. When we were not talking numbers (we just announced our third quarter results after all!), one thing was evident - we are doing something fundamentally right. The highlight being the Zero Distance movement within the company, which was implemented six months ago.

Over the last few quarters, we have been working very hard to bring innovation to every project and, in the process, harness a culture of innovation among our 180,000+ strong employee base. It hasn't been easy. But, we are finally beginning to see the rewards. Today, 90% of our delivery organization can proudly say that they have done something innovative in an existing project, beyond the scope of work. And when 90% of our delivery organization vouches for this, we are talking about approximately 8,000 projects. I couldn't be more proud of the incredible effort and enthusiasm of Infoscions behind this high-impact movement.

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October 19, 2015

We Innovate. Therefore We Are @ Zero Distance To Customers

Posted by Gopikrishnan Konnanath (View Profile | View All Posts) at 10:55 AM

Within grasp: Zero Distance to client, code and value [Source:]

What does it take to make innovation mainstream in a large organization? What does it take to make innovation business as usual? Not just for a think tank of designated innovators. But for all. Not by issuing top-down mandates and monitoring progress, but by somehow making innovation intuitive ground-up - almost an organizational state of being. That would undoubtedly mean an introspection into the enterprise's purpose, a deep dive into the organization's very essence of existence. And most importantly - it would mean that the findings of this introspection resonates with every single person in the organization.

We decided to see if there was a way to make this work in our own enterprise, and bring the benefits of this exercise to our clients. We wanted to do this by imbibing the three basic principles - every team aspiring to be closer to end users, closer to technology, and closer to creating value - essentially at Zero Distance to our clients.

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