June 5, 2017

How Sustainability is Disrupting Today's Supply Chain

Posted by Jonquil Hackenberg (View Profile | View All Posts) at 12:16 PM

How Sustainability is Disrupting Today's Supply Chain.jpg

Sustainability burst onto the scene ~10 years ago as the price of oil shot past $100 per barrel and the discussion on CO2 concentrations in the atmosphere moved from science labs to the board rooms. The increased dialogue on the environmental impacts of business was a positive development. However, the core tenet of sustainability - optimizing usage of resources - has always been about minimizing costs and maximizing financial performance.

Today, the explosion of data powered by the proliferation of smart sensors, or the Internet of Things, has rapidly raised the competitive bar. It is no longer enough for companies to add insulation to their factory walls and plant gardens on their roofs. To win, they must also embrace big data in a way that stiches together fragmented, custom e-commerce orders with reactive, optimized supply chains and factory production.

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