August 22, 2012

A challenge. A cause. A commitment.

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Source:USAID & National Rural Health Mission

Who can disagree - when work is a passion, every day is a joy? For some it's all about the fun at work, for others breaking a record, creating something new perhaps, or making a difference. It's a little bit of all of this that drives me.  That's why, I deem it a grand privilege to be at the forefront of the team from Infosys that's working shoulder to shoulder with MDG Health Alliance and the United Nations Foundation to end child diarrheal deaths, in support of the United Nations Secretary-General's Every Woman Every Child movement. This team works to scale up access to oral hydration therapy and zinc formulations all over the country.

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June 14, 2012

@ Israel: Business and beyond

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I'm back from an invigorating trip to Israel. But the excitement, really, began a while ago with a vision that we have at Infosys:  To become the network of networks, where we bring together innovation networks from around the world and make it all relevant to our clients. In recent times, I've been engaging with several research and innovation networks in Australia, Finland and Netherlands. Infosys Labs, in tandem, is looking to leverage the external innovation ecosystem as part of our efforts to evaluate early stage technologies that can energize this agenda. And Israel - the highly innovative country that it is - topped our consideration list as we began our early explorations. 

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