November 23, 2015

The Changing Face Of Engineering

Posted by Krishnananda R Shenoy (View Profile | View All Posts) at 5:02 AM

The Changing Face Of Engineering

If there is a sequel to Oliver Twist, the chimney sweepers would be using remote-controlled vacuum cleaners and tapping away on iPads.

The fourth industrial revolution is a refreshing change from the mass migration of manual labor and harsh working conditions in factories. Consumers co-create user-centric products, automation and mobility ensure an employee-friendly workplace, and disruptive technologies drive innovation beyond products and processes.

The industry landscape is influenced by two dominant shifts: the Internet of Things recognizes every object as a source of information; and the Industry 4.0 framework changes every aspect of manufacturing - research and development, product engineering and distribution. Cyber physical engineering and production systems create futuristic cars in the U.S.A., revive the British pottery industry, enable mass production of prefabricated houses in Japan, and redefine watch making in Switzerland.

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