September 3, 2012

Getting to the Top

Posted by Manish Srivastava (View Profile | View All Posts) at 6:00 AM

Since 1955, around 2000 companies have found themselves in the Fortune 500 list, but only 65 of these have managed to stay on. Getting to the top of the Fortune list and staying there is like mountaineering. Take Mt. Everest for instance - around 4000 people have tried to surmount it, with just 660 succeeding. And 219 (at the end of 2010) lost their lives trying. It is common belief that these deaths occur due to avalanches and ice fall. However, studies indicate that the factor causing most deaths is fatigue - taking grip at about 8000m - often called the death zone.  It takes a well-trained mountaineer 12 hours to cover the last 1.07 mi. A sea level dweller would lose consciousness in about 2-3 mins without acclimatization at that height.

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July 20, 2012

How to deal with organizational complexity

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I take the conversation onward from my previous blog "Simplify or have an egg on your face" that you can read  here .The next obvious question before us is - How does an organization deal with complexity - at the strategic, operational and individual levels?

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June 18, 2012

Simplify or have an egg on your face

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Simplification is a persistent theme in the minds of executives leading large global organizations. As organizations grow in size, they also tend to become complex. The number of products they offer increase and so does number of  customers, operating locations, suppliers, systems, employees - all increase in quantity and variety. The related cost of management of each increases. Decision making becomes slow and bureaucratic. Getting the same thing done takes more effort. People connected with the organization experience stress and low morale. Productivity is impacted negatively. Growth slows down and in a few scenarios, catastrophic failure occurs. In today's globally connected and dynamic marketplace, simplification is no longer just a means for managing costs but is paramount for survival.

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May 23, 2012

Why you need to befriend the Laplace Demon?

Posted by Manish Srivastava (View Profile | View All Posts) at 9:26 AM

Computers are everywhere. We are entering an age where computing will be embedded everywhere - in products, in places, in things and in people. Pharma companies are testing programmable biodegradable sensors that will be embedded in medicines and will alert you on your iPhone, as per doctor's prescription. Connectivity is getting everywhere. Internet has crossed 25% adoption worldwide and mobile will soon connect every individual with each other. We are moving to an age where everything everywhere will be connected digitally.

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