September 5, 2014

Beyond Digital: Customer Care in Financial Services

Posted by Nageswar Cherukupalli (View Profile | View All Posts) at 12:16 PM

Brand-Centric Model To A Customer-Centric Approach

Among the architectural treasures of every big city are the banks. Walk into any old bank and you feel awe-inspired. A coffered ceiling soars above with marble walls with brass fittings everywhere and at the center is a huge vault. It was less about customer, but more about brand image and service/product offerings that differentiated one bank from the other.

Fast-forward to today and most banks are pretty sleek looking. They use modern steel and glass to exude a kind of bare-bones efficiency that customers are looking for. This is important because banks have realized the advantages of moving from a brand-centric model to a more customer-centric one. That is to say, they are the ones who should feel privileged when you walk through the door, not the other way around!

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