February 19, 2016

A World Where Ideas Are All That Matter

Posted by Pravin Rao U. B. (View Profile | View All Posts) at 12:01 AM

Infosys in the strategic partner for global TEDx Anchor Program

Infosys in the strategic partner for global TEDx Anchor Program

Think about the history of mankind. Every forward step that man has ever taken in his journey on this planet - be it the invention of the wheel, the evolution of modern medicine, the building of the printing press - has all happened because of an idea. An idea that was born in the mind of one individual, but which didn't just stay there, because it was shared and brought to life by several others who improved on it to create new solutions and open up new opportunities.

Today, the power of shared ideas is more compelling than ever before.

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April 18, 2012

Where digital consumerism is the business.

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No, it's not the digital consumer phenomenon and its irresistible opportunities that I will outline here. That is, indeed, a given. Let's explore what more can be achieved.  

Thus far, most digital consumer stories have been lessons in adaptation - for example, how banks and retail institutions, which originally created self-service channels to cut cost, are now using them to deliver experience. Or how consumer brands, which tuned into social media conversations to keep track of the buzz changed gears to use those insights to understand customers better, create new products (often with customers), improve service levels and so on. Or how other companies reinvented their physical business models to fit into an online universe, faced with a choice of going digital or going bust.

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March 26, 2012

The hole-y road to simplicity

Posted by Pravin Rao U. B. (View Profile | View All Posts) at 11:20 AM


As I drove home one evening, I observed something not unfamiliar to those of us who've lived in this part of the world. The road had been asphalted a few weeks ago. The rains had already caused some damage and what should have been new was already pockmarked with potholes that were unmerciful to an unsuspecting driver. These potholes had been covered up to make the road look like a patchwork blanket. What made matters more interesting was that the local utility company had decided they needed to lay some more pipes, and so had gotten to work - furiously tearing apart parts of the road that were unblemished... I thought to myself that this fractured order isn't very different from the way many businesses are run today. While insufficient information is creating fissures in operations, an uncertain environment and unresponsive systems are making the mess, messier... Too many variables, too many stakeholders - all striving towards different goals, all on different pages!

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