May 24, 2013

Look, Big Data's on TV!

Posted by Rajeev Nayar (View Profile | View All Posts) at 11:35 AM

Over the past decade, the Media & Entertainment sector has been completely disrupted by digital technologies. First there was the transition of content, from creation to delivery, to digital formats. Then the arrival of the new-age-device-loving digital consumer significantly altered established norms of content consumption. This was followed by the emergence of innovation-led, technology-fueled, consumer-focused new economy companies, which proceeded to completely rewrite all established rules of the M&E business.

Content consumption is still on the rise; it's just that the rules of engagement have changed irrevocably. Consumers now demand innovative content, at the time, place, device and platform of their own choosing, and, generally, free of cost. Consequently, the industry faces the massive challenge of reinventing every aspect of content, from development through distribution, and from pricing to marketing to service, around consumer preferences and expectations.

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