May 23, 2017

Role of Empathetic Problem Finding in the Digital Age

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Role of Empathetic Problem Finding in the Digital Age

When I read about all the fantastic innovations being developed across the world, I sometimes wonder if someday we will run out of relevant problems to solve. However, what if we shift our perspective a bit and instead start looking for more relevant, deeper problems to solve - rather than creating solutions to apparent problems? If we consider the scale of digitization and disintermediation today, this is likely to play an important role in our brave new world. For instance, millions of jobs in industries like retail, banking, financial services, logistics, transportation and public services will be automated over the next decade. Should our concern be to locate other industries that will require this surplus manpower, or should we consider how to redefine our concept of 'remunerable work'?

Uber is known the world over as a taxi-hailing app. And while offering us great service, the company also reshaped the logistics industry as they found a larger requirement it could help address. This led them to launch services using which parents could book a ride to have their children picked up and dropped to a destination. Or, shoppers could have their groceries dropped to their homes. Uber has tied up with mega event organizers in cities to simplify travel for attendees, and more recently, it has ventured into the food delivery industry. Uber discovered problem finding as a means to expand its services.

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January 18, 2017

Data-driven Energy Ecosystems for a Sustainable Future

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Data-driven Energy Ecosystems for a Sustainable Future

It is that time of the year when policy makers, business leaders and academicians meet to discuss global challenges at the World Economic Forum (WEF) Annual Meeting. Shaping the future of energy is one of the focus areas of the forum. In the context of energy, big data and digital technologies will drive new efficiencies and open up possibilities, thereby playing a pivotal role in its future. Leveraging data in newer and more advanced ways will be a fundamental driver in creating an energy ecosystem for a sustainable future. This ecosystem could be predicated on what The WEF Global Energy Architecture Performance Index Report 2016 calls the "Energy Triangle", which benchmarks energy systems against three primary goals: Economic Growth and Development, Environmental Sustainability, and Energy Access and Security. The question is, how can data-driven energy ecosystems help achieve these goals?

Economic growth and development

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November 14, 2016

Tennis and Technology: The Winning Duo

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Tennis and Technology: The Winning Duo

The year: 1982. The place: Wimbledon's famed Centre Court. The match: the men's finals that pitted two former champions of the grass-court tournament against each other - John McEnroe and Jimmy Connors. After the match, which McEnroe won with a serve and volley delivered with almost surgical precision, a sportscaster asked Connors why he thought he had lost. 'Usually by the time the ball gets to me, it's the size of a basketball,' explained Connors, one of the game's best returner of serves, but this time, 'McEnroe's serves were so fast and precise that by the time the ball got to me, it was the size of a pea.'

What made McEnroe play what some fans think is his best match ever and one of the best in the history of tennis? And what made the tenacious Connors lose so decisively? In the 1980s, those questions were up to tennis analysts and fellow ATP professionals to discuss from their respective perspectives. A generation later, the players have changed but the grass court remains. So do matches that are filled with non-stop action.

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January 21, 2016

Looking At The World From Davos, Virtually

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Looking At The World From Davos, Virtually
The Infosys 'Earth 360 Experience' project at Davos

It's in places like Davos, tucked into a valley in the Swiss Alps, where one is confronted with the stark reality of climate change. Davos is 150 kilometers southeast of Zurich, and to get here we travelled through picturesque valleys, past pristine snow-capped mountains, along crystal clear mountain rivers. But the temperature is rising, and Switzerland's glaciers are melting.

Last November, delegations from almost 200 countries met in Paris to negotiate a global document on the reduction of actions that lead to climate change. 150 global leaders met in the same place at the same time because this is one of the most important issues of our time, inspiring the thousands of delegates to act and come to an agreement. The Paris Agreement, presented after two weeks of negotiations is a consensus of the parties, and will become legally binding if ratified by at least 55 countries that represent at least 55 percent of global greenhouse emissions.

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November 26, 2015

Coming Soon At A Screen Near You

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In the movie Ghost, comedian Arsenio Hall wisecracked, "Don't try to adjust your television. I'm black." Today, viewers toggle between multiple screens and different formats to select their preferred type and time of entertainment. The nature and delivery of content is being influenced by the proliferation of platforms and the diversity of devices. It compels media and entertainment enterprises to adopt a flexible approach to production and distribution, and explore revenue streams that maximize monetization.

While the industry undergoes churn with telecom, media, entertainment, movie studios, cable and broadcast enterprises merging to attract eyeballs, the consumer reigns supreme. Netflix used data and sentiment at the intersection of the Venn diagram to adapt the BBC television series House of Cards, cast actors and select the director for the American audience. Significantly, symmetry in data made the award-winning series a global franchise - China and India rank among the top countries downloading the latest season of the series.

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November 16, 2015

Disruption Innovation Festival Focuses on a 'Circular' Economy

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Navigating the circular economy: A conversation with Dame Ellen MacArthur [Source:]

One of my favorite new conferences is accessible anywhere on earth where there's a wi-fi connection. It's open to everyone. And its aim is to view the global economy through a new lens and not what its curator calls the 'take, make, and dispose' economic model of old. Welcome to the three-week Disruption Innovation Festival, a global meeting of some of the biggest, brightest thinkers on earth who are dedicated to touting the merits of the 'circular economy'.

The circular economy is, according to its disciples, the ultimate disruptive force to the global markets. In the current economy, a vestige of a 19th century model in which a small number of people owned assets that were used to manufacture goods and services that would be bought, used, and discarded, consumers are awakening to the fact that access is the new ownership. Instead of disposing of assets when they've served their purpose, modern stakeholders are learning to regenerate them through the Internet of Things, Design Thinking, and radical advances in materials science.

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September 10, 2015

Time To Play Tennis With Insights

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Time To Play Tennis With Insights

Every tennis fan is familiar with the on-court clamor of the all-time great John McEnroe. Every time a line judge would deem one of the balls he hit to be out of bounds, McEnroe would yell at the chair umpire: "You cannot be serious!"

Over the last decade, sensors have been able to measure whether or not a ball touched the line. It's a lot more difficult to get a computer to change its mind about whether the ball you hit was or wasn't in-bounds. From the moment the score keeper logs a point, a new layer is added to the pool of big data around the sport - how fast, how sharp, how better, how responsive to surround factors, and so on. But only if insights are being garnered, beyond score keeping.

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August 11, 2015

Oil Industry Driven By Consumers and IT

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Are you fit for 50? : What oil & gas industry is grappling with [Source:]

It's easy these days to be bullish about fossil fuels. Like or not, oil still powers the high-tech, digital economy. Sure, some companies have 'gone green' by placing solar panels on their roofs. But a commitment to sustainability can be an expensive one and especially hard to justify when boards of directors are watching how every last cent is spent in a company.

Why does the world remain addicted to oil? Well, because it's relatively cheap and abundant. But what happens when the countries that pump most of the world's black gold decide they want to flood the market with it? Prices of oil futures plummet and have a domino effect on just about every other industry.

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May 13, 2015

Our Part In The 'Creative Conspiracy'

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Creative Conspiracy

What does a mound of Play-Dough, a pile of fluorescent sticky notes, and lots of scribbling on whiteboards mean? Well, I could come up with plenty of amusing answers. But in the context of SAP's Sapphire Now, the company's flagship conference, these seemingly simple and even childlike objects amount to a lot of savvy ideas. Welcome to the world of Design Thinking, corporate-style.

SAP decided to dedicate some of its real estate on the floor of the Orlando convention center last week to a unique area for Design Thinking. During my initial stroll around the vast hall to check out the booths of our competitors and run into long-time clients, my eyes fell upon the Design Thinking area. So I headed over for a closer look. The first thing that happened was that a very friendly SAP employee greeted me and asked me if I knew what Design Thinking was. I told her I did, both in the conventional, architectural/industrial context as well as its use in corporate management techniques. What ensued was a really fun experience trying out the different facets of Design Thinking in the booth.

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January 21, 2015

WEF 2015: Incubating Innovation

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Davos 2015 -- What to expect [Source:]

The world has been a troubling place lately. I don't need to go into the details if you've read even one newspaper or watched a newscast on the web or TV during the last week. But, as they say, it's always darkest right before the dawn.

It's in that spirit that the world's business, political, and cultural leaders will converge on a quaint Swiss town of Davos this week to discuss how they can, collectively, improve the state of the world. That's been the World Economic Forum's slogan for decades now, and its prestige as a conclave of problem-solvers increases every year. This year, among the many challenges and issues its attendees will be discussing, is innovation and how best to incubate it.

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October 21, 2013

Get Out of Your Comfort Zone!

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O'Reilly- When something is commoditized, an adjacent thing becomes valuable [Source:]

As business leaders, we're faced with what often seem like endless opportunities to get out of the office and view our organizations from a fresh perspective. We attend retreats, conferences, and team-building days, just to name a few. These off-site gathering allow us to hear about the experiences of other executives.

One such executive is a veteran manager who was chosen as a fellow this past year at a prestigious business school. She has some extremely interesting reflections on what it takes for an established, long-serving company officer to stay innovative. Here are some of her insights, along with my additional comments.

First, know your customers. If you've seen the results of our sweeping survey, Engaging Digital Consumers, you're quite familiar with what we've been saying to our colleagues and clients alike: The digital world has empowered customers to such an extent that it's time to rewrite the playbook. The extent to which a company's consumer base can help it gain new insights has never been greater. That's why it's vital to make sure you have the best information-gathering tools at your disposal. But your organization should also be prepared to give your loyal customers something in return - be it a special deal on merchandise or a heads-up on an upcoming sale.

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July 29, 2013

Social Business Models - The Happier, The Better

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What is DOGTV?  [Source:DOGTVWORLD]

A brilliant engineer who started and sold more companies than he could keep track of said he was in the mobile computing space because of just how quickly people have morphed into über-social beings.

I've never heard someone describe the mobile computing space as a chicken-or-egg scenario. Yet that's just what this venture capitalist did. He said he wasn't sure which came first: the urgent need to share the minutia of day-to-day life or the technology that enables us to do so. Either way, he said, it's a multibillion-dollar industry and it's growing bigger by the day.

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