January 26, 2016

What's Your Problem?

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Service offering on Design Thinking and design-led initiatives [Source:]

Even as the power of technology has risen exponentially over the years, its transformational impact - in terms of its contribution to solving the biggest problems of our times - has plateaued. Take transportation, which has been at a virtual standstill for more than a generation; in fact, in some cases, travel times have even increased. It's the same story with biotechnology, which, despite incredible advances in gene sequencing, has still not managed to find a permanent cure even for malaria. Part of the problem is practical, one of resources; it's often 'safer' to fund companies solving known problems with incremental solutions, as opposed to tackling the transformational.

But the bigger issue is one of mindset. Technology firms are so caught up in solving the known problems, in execution, and have become so good at it, that they've come to believe that it is perhaps all they need to do. Unfortunately, this is turning us into more and more able doers, who unquestioningly take instructions and follow through. That's denting our ability to be able problem solvers in the truest sense.

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January 6, 2015

How Our Hackathon Can Help Cities

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Participants at EdgeVerve Hackathon 2014

A couple of weeks ago, I had the pleasure of observing at EdgeVerve's recent (and incredibly successful) hackathon. The experience taught me one thing - our urban centers have bright futures!

The theme: "Technology Solutions for our Cities." The participants: 50 teams that we hand-selected from an entry pool of more than 350. All the teams that applied were talented so we had the advantage of being able to choose the very best of the best. During the second-to-the-last weekend of 2014, we hosted these 50 teams at EdgeVerve's headquarters in Electronics City in Bangalore. So from the very start of the 24-hour-long event, from Saturday morning to Sunday morning, we were in the middle of the one the world's largest cities with the event's mandate to come up with solutions to make such an urban core a better place in which to live and to do business.

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December 19, 2014

Hackathons and the Road to Success

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Participants at EdgeVerve Hackathon 2014

"If only I could bottle that..." These are famous first words. And the rest of the sentences are usually just as well known: "... I'd be millionaire" or "...I'd be famous."

The problem was that until very recently it was difficult to bottle something as intangible as ingenuity. In the old days, an executive would hope to hire the right people, create the right corporate culture, and hope that a healthy amount of innovation grew out of such a mix. But that was yesterday.

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November 24, 2014

Why Collaboration And Innovation Go Hand-In-Hand

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Chris Curran, Principal and Chief Technologist, PwC, describes the evolution of The Internet of Things. [Source:]

Seamless. That's a buzzword of today. A seamless platform gives consumer-focused businesses the vitality and robustness they need to perform in a hyper-connected and competitive marketplace. Everything must happen without a hitch.

You see, today it seems everyone is trying to sell something 'smart.' Smart cars, smart home systems, and, obviously, smartphones come to mind. But ask yourself just how smart any of these products really are. Instead of smarts, try rating their true intelligence - the extent to which they know about you and your expectations as a consumer. You'll find that most 'smart' products don't know a whole lot. 'Smart' products are neither able to see the whole picture, nor can they talk to one another.

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March 5, 2014

Come, Innovate, Disrupt

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Why did Facebook buy WhatsApp? [Source:]

Recently, members of a now defunct exclusive hacking club got together online to celebrate not a breakthrough break through, but the spectacular success of one of their own - Jan Koum and his US$ 19 billion Whatsapp deal with Facebook. This was the latest in a not very short list of successes of the club's alumni, which included at least one of Napster's founders, and those of Cloudmark, Servio, Duo Security and Immunet, among others.

If ever there was a metaphor for the power of disruptive-innovation this must be it. But urban-legend-status notwithstanding, the truth is that manifestations of disruptive innovation are few and far between - a corollary of the fact that only a tiny fraction of the young and restless who want to disrupt and innovate actually go out there and do so. The vast majority finds its way into the portals of the conventional workplace, nurturing that deep-seated desire all along.

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December 13, 2013

Reach The Next Billion - Accelerate Profitable Growth In The Emerging Markets

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Emerging markets are a veritable gold mine for global consumer brands that face slowing growth in the developed markets. Mining that gold profitably, however, is no walk in the park. These markets present significant challenges to brands.

Emerging markets are a complex maze of traditional retail structure dominated by millions of small retailers (India alone has 12 million). Due to the high costs and logistical nightmare involved in reaching these retailers, brands depend on thousands of independent distributors to connect them with retailers and customers. They also provide local market intelligence to complement sales and marketing efforts of the brand. However most of these distributors are not technology enabled, have no standard way of maintaining sales and demand data and, more often than not, fail to share vital information with brands. Due to this lack of visibility brands don't know what is selling, where it is sold, what customers are buying, whether product quality is being maintained, and how much inventory is present and at what locations. This drastically reduces their ability to sense and respond to market demand.

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February 18, 2013

A Jury of Our Peers Is The Toughest Judge

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(Left) Samson David receiving the NASSCOM Business Award for Infosys Edge™ and (Right) Vishnu Bhat receiving the Golden Peacock Innovative Product / Service Award for Infosys Cloud Ecosystem Hub 

What is it about being judged by our peers that's so important? These days a global corporation operates in countless markets and, if it does an exemplary job, it receives accolades every now and then from the people and organizations with which it does business. Yet, there's really no substitute for being honored by the folks you know.  Perhaps it's because they're the ones who scrutinize our accomplishments the most and are quickest to tell us when they think we've stumbled or haven't met their high standards. It's no wonder that Hollywood celebrities say that awards that come from their fellow screen actors mean the most to them. It's why sports teams face their toughest critics in their hometown newspapers. It's why for a thousand years of practice in common law, a man is judged by a jury of his peers for the verdict to carry legitimacy.

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November 12, 2012

Dimensions of Innovation

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I began my journey to rediscover innovation several years ago when we started to consolidate our views around Building Tomorrow's Enterprise. We clearly saw the 7 mega trends shaping the future and already had an enviable track record in internal innovation through our client delivery processes. But, we needed more insight into the various dimensions of innovation and the wide range of approaches adopted by global organizations to reshape their businesses. And, that's when I started visiting client sites - in fact over a hundred of them - seeking insights around innovation. What emerged was a truly robust view of innovation which eventually converged into a simple framework to help understand innovation along 3 key dimensions, which I see as a cube.

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September 28, 2012

Releasing Innovation. And How!

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Confluence 2012, Monte Carlo. An ironically 'easy' setting for  discussions on tough-to-crack topics about innovation and business success in a difficult economic climate. And, there was a lot of that over the course of two days. Yes, times are tough. And enterprises have to play the cards they're dealt. However, with innovation, they could change their 'workable' strategies into a winning game plan - a thought that we explored in some detail over the course of two days.

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September 5, 2012

Infosys edge

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Samson David - Head of Platforms, Infosys, gets candid about how platforms are re-defining the way for business

It's a world of growing complexity and changing dynamics. And, I often find many vexing challenges, that businesses face, stem from the fact that they must, on the one hand, add on new capabilities to adapt to change, and on the other rationalize these add-ons in the interests of organizational efficiency and operational simplicity. It's not difficult to see how sometimes this dual-agenda can create conflict.

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July 23, 2012

Bring on the ideas, ensure they don't stop

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When do enterprises truly dream up innovations and dare to create the new? When the organization is wired for innovations, perhaps? But, what really unleashes possibilities and the organization's passion to unthink? I am convinced that this is more likely to happen in firms where the fear of failure is mitigated. Or when a failed idea costs the enterprise so much lesser than one may have imagined, that the pressure to always "get it right" does not impede the "let's imagine-the-unimagined" process.

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April 2, 2012

Co-creation. Some call it innovating at innovation.

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One of the largest telecom operators in the world launches an m-commerce ecosystem as a new business line. A global consumer products company introduces a distributor inclusion platform. An aeronautics giant builds a state-of the-art customer engagement modeling center. Innovation is a way of life for most enterprises.

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