November 24, 2016

Have You Taken Robust Measures to Verify Data?

Posted by Srinivasa Gopal Sugavanam (View Profile | View All Posts) at 11:31 AM

What Makes a Human Click! [Source:]

Have you ever wondered if the lion's share of data your organization collects is accurate and actionable? It's a question more and more executives are asking themselves as 'trend articles' on respected social media sites have turned out to be outright fabrications. With no supervision of human editors, the algorithms in charge of selecting news for the 'trending articles' have a field day.

I'm specifically referring to a recent investigation by Washington Post into Facebook's Trending news section. They discovered that over a three-week period beginning in late August, five news articles on Facebook were, 'indisputably fake.' Another three articles on Facebook's Trending news section were 'profoundly inaccurate'. My favorite fake yet trending article uncovered by the Post investigation? Apple CEO Tim Cook's announcement that consumers should prepare themselves for the release of the iPhone 8, which will include a feature that allows users to conjure up a physical Siri who comes out of the phone and helps with chores.

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