December 2, 2015

Pharma Gears Up For Connected Care

Posted by Subhro Mallik (View Profile | View All Posts) at 9:04 AM

Pharma Gears Up For Connected Care

Pharmaceutical and medical device industry is on a precipice that's equally exciting and daunting. It's daunting, because many patents that the pharmaceutical industry acquired in the 1990s will expire soon. This, according to a Sanford C Bernstein report, can decrease revenue and cause generic erosion (expiring drug patents impacting revenues of pharma cos) between 2% and 40%, especially for companies without valuable pipelines. However, it's also exciting times. The industry has access to cutting-edge technology to strategically expand pipelines and innovate for better outcomes. From technology that virtualizes research processes and fast-tracks clinical development to those that enable compliance with government's rules and regulations, there are many technological advancements the industry is tapping into.

This gives it the edge to face challenges like expiring patents, and to create a connected and smart ecosystem. It helps companies stay ahead of competition, meet the complex regulatory requirements and align better with the global aim to offer more effective and long-lasting patient outcomes. Companies can achieve these goals with a 'connected care' approach and enablers like digitally-powered tools, technologies and touch-points for information monitoring, recording, storing, accessing and analyzing anytime, by any stakeholder. These enablers allow researchers and other stakeholders to stay connected with consumers, and enjoy benefits like reduced costs, enhanced performance, faster go-to-market, and seamless sales and marketing processes.

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May 15, 2015

Online DNA Tests Are Changing Healthcare Industry

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Online DNA Tests Are Changing Healthcare Industry

For those of you who take interest in the exploits of the fictional titans and gods of classical Greece, perhaps none is more interesting than Prometheus. Aside from being credited with giving humans the gift of fire, he also gave them livestock to eat. If you were someone in classical Greece listening to tales about Prometheus, chances are you'd think he had your back and was looking out for you.

Some Infosys trivia: Our New York City offices at Rockefeller Center overlook the beautiful gold statue of Prometheus. But that wasn't one of the reasons I took note of one of a handful of new websites that offer personalized DNA information. One such service is named Promethease. It's a word play on the classical Greek titan who took time, as the legends go, to help 'kickstart' mankind's development. Almost every culture and civilization has its own version of Prometheus. It's all too funny that he's back in the news after a couple thousand years because of modern day humans' quest to find more about themselves.

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March 18, 2015

How Precision Medicine is Transforming Life Sciences

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Cancer patients find hope in precision medicine [Source:]

We live in an age when personalized digital assistants know more about our lives and our daily schedules than we do. So wouldn't it stand to reason that we should be able to receive personalized pharmaceuticals as well?

The medical field I'm talking about, also known as precision medicine, is radically altering the life sciences industry. Recently, the American president called for his country's lawmakers to allocate $215 million toward what he's calling the "precision medicine initiative." The background behind this ambitious project is that every patient is different (we kind of knew that). But what pharmaceutical and biotech companies are making great strides in is knowing the exact genetic make-up of an individual - from that person's genes to the microbes living in her body and certain environmental factors as well (suppose he/she's a pack-a-day smoker).

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