March 21, 2012

How smarter organizations simplify...or don't

Posted by Sudhir Chaturvedi (View Profile | View All Posts) at 10:52 AM


To say that an organization can get smarter by keeping things simple is to oversimplify the argument.

Simplicity, the way I see it, is the end result achieved by organizations that smartly manage their complexity. Note that I say 'manage' and not 'eliminate'. The fact that it is impossible, in reality, to cut out complexity altogether has nothing to do with my choice of words. Rather, my point is that smarter organizations know where to draw the line. Because, every organization has both good and bad complexity, the former leading to desirable outcomes and the latter managing to achieve the exact opposite. Needless to say, smart organizations work at enhancing good complexity while suppressing the unproductive ones.

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