December 11, 2015

Cognitive Tech Empowering Healthcare

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5 ways robots are delivering health care in Saskatchewan [Source:]

It's 2018. Dr. Riley, a neurologist, receives a call from a clinic located about 300 miles away. The clinic has only a handful of general physicians. Until a year ago, whenever a specialist consultant was required, the clinic referred patients to hospitals in other cities - a journey not many could make. However, now, the clinic has state-of-the-art equipment allowing it to connect with specialists in neighbouring towns and cities, and access speciality healthcare expertise- especially for critical needs - remotely.

When the call arrives, Dr. Riley returns to his office, which is equipped to enable him to conference remotely with patients and physicians, receive patient history at the click of a button, engage with the patient to understand his/her condition and offer diagnosis and treatment and even perform interventions like remote robotic surgery when needed. Dr. Riley discovers that his patient, Edward, is a 20 year-old with severe persistent headache, neck stiffness, balance problems, and blurred vision. He looks at his medical history from the EHR and recommends a battery of diagnostics tests and a CT scan. Results of the diagnostics is a brain CT scan that needs to be analyzed by a qualified radiologist. In the absence of a radiologist, the doctor turns to a computer vision tool - a technology based on cognitive skill - to analyze the scan using pattern analysis. The vision tool provides a report revealing a brain lesion. This timely availability of radiology analysis enables Dr. Riley to clinically co-relate the history, symptoms and conclude that the condition is severe and needs an immediate surgery. Losing no time, Dr. Riley directs a robot surgeon at the clinic where Edward is, to perform brain surgery and treat the lesion.

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September 2, 2013

Not what you can, but what you want

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The Most Innovative Company of the Future [Source:salesforce]

As a seasoned technology professional, you've been part of its dramatic evolution. You've also witnessed the changes in IT outsourcing paradigm - from "your mess for less" to business value creation to business transformation. Accordingly, you probably started out outsourcing a monolith of IT operations, until you discovered a better, modular way. Over the years, you have disaggregated your organization's portfolio, sliced it perhaps along a three dimensional grid, with Business Processes, Applications and Infrastructure forming the first axis, Execution Processes the second, and Functions or Lines of Business the third. This has enabled you to hand out logical, manageable parts of your business to the right partner, picked out from a global landscape of service providers. The result - services sourced in modules, which are optimized for efficiency, innovation and flexibility. In other words, you have not just cut cost through outsourcing, but more importantly, you have also served holistic enterprise goals.

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August 23, 2013

Spices, India and Outsourcing

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NILF 2013:What is keeping the new age CIO excited and Awake
[Source: NASSCOMVideos]

When one thinks of India, the aroma of spices is a natural association. Spices are not just about flavorsome food. It's also about the spice route that connected countries for trade in medieval times, often played a major role in the exchange of culture and art among the major civilizations of Europe and Asia. In fact, Vasco da Gama, the famous explorer, connected India with Portugal in 1498 via sea-route, in his search for spices that could preserve meat better! This became a game-changer in many ways as he found the maritime route connecting East with the West and this was to lead to a dramatic surge in commercial activities. This maritime innovation was a great shot in the arm for trade.

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July 10, 2013

Automobiles, industrialization and software

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Cars Car Tech 101  What exactly is a connected car [Source: Techesty]

It's all about me.

No, I'm not being a narcissist but rather conveying the mindset of today's digital consumers. They're demanding individualized experiences with everything they do. Even when they're behind the wheel of a car.

This demand for personalized experiences is driving a lot of innovation. And the automobile industry, which recently went through some very tough times in the U.S, is beginning to capitalize on these new all-about-me trends. Detroit's Big Three are coming to look at themselves as developing computers that are drivable instead of building cars that happen to have onboard computers. This corporate evolution could have fascinating repercussions for the American Midwest and, more specifically, Detroit. Companies like General Motors, Ford, and Chrysler are exploiting technologies in telematics, mobility, and even social media. For example, a telematics enabled system can remotely unlock a car's door after one has accidentally left the keys inside. They view the connected car as the next frontier for innovation and competitive differentiation. By investing heavily in smart tools and apps that will define connected cars coming to showrooms soon, these industrial giants might re-make the rustbelt into a tech-friendly region filled with innovation hubs.

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April 8, 2013

A Lesson from Bollywood for Outsourcing

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In an industry filled with testosterone-laden wannabes and nubile starlets, one of Bollywood's leading lights has had nearly half a decade in the business. A superstar who needs no introduction. How does he do it? Genius? Beyond doubt. A great work ethic? Absolutely. But above all it's because he has reinvented himself to stay relevant over the years. And repeatedly raised the game. While no one gets a prize for guessing who I am talking about, the septuagenarian superstar is Amitabh Bachchan. 

Is there a lesson here that one of India's greatest exports can give to another?

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September 26, 2012

Industrial Revolution, Industrialization and IT

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The industrial revolution was a turning point in modern history, and had a profound impact on the economy, society and culture of those times. As industries matured and the industrial age set in, most things, from automobiles to consumer durables became more affordable. Management and manufacturing sciences came together to bring in automation, mass production, supply chain management, economies-of-scale, statistical quality control, productivity tools and such like. These techniques helped a growing world meet its needs and influenced the progress of many industries creating a mature state where both buyers and sellers saw their interests align. That took focus off manufacturing and engineering quality - which became a given - and trained it on utility, service and quality of experience.

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