November 14, 2016

How Marketers Can Make Their Game All About The Game

Posted by Sumit Virmani (View Profile | View All Posts) at 12:15 PM

At Barclays ATP World Tour Finals 2016, London: 'World First' Tennis Experience in Virtual Reality, powered by Infosys [Source:]

Every marketer dreams of getting the audience to root for a brand. And for those seeking to inspire such devotion in customers, the time has never been more conducive to find ways to achieve it through sports marketing, a channel that has often been envied for its reach, but also criticized for its relatively high entry barriers and uncertain ROI. Today, any popular sport commands the love and loyalty of millions, with pervasive digital connectedness only amplifying the phenomenon. Little wonder then that sports marketing is a popular strategy for global brands. Including our own.

But is sports marketing only for brands with deep pockets and a long-term horizon? Is 'logo sponsorship' the ultimate high point? What is the role of innovative experiments in sports marketing? Let's try and answer some of these questions as I share with you the experience of our 12-month journey with ATP World Tour, the governing body of men's professional tennis worldwide.

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May 26, 2016

More Than A Forum To Share Ideas. A Platform To Create Generations Of Idea-makers.

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Pharma's Omni-Channel Efforts Empower Patients

As all of Infosys prepares excitedly to host TEDx Bangalore at our campus on Sunday, May 29, I wanted us all to think once again, deeply, about the reasons why it's important to support initiatives like this. It is this very thinking that compelled us to bring the TEDx Anchor Program to India earlier this year.

In four years, India is set to become the world's youngest nation with almost two-thirds of its population being of working age. "Bursting with youthful energy" is a great way to describe India. But what would be even better is when we script a future where we can alter that description to read, "Bursting with youthful creative energy". Now, that would be something! In fact, it is just the thing we need.

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April 18, 2016

A Confluence Of All That's Infosys

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A Confluence Of All That's Infosys

This year's Confluence - our annual thought leadership summit - has the makings of a blockbuster with its compelling content, transformational experiences, and innovations that people can pick up and apply straight off to their businesses. Whether it's the latest ideas for continuous business reinvention, exciting new ways to automate with maximum payoff or experiential learning in how intelligent platforms can create unprecedented capabilities, Confluence captures it all in a choice of experiences that delegates can then pick and choose from to build out their own personal Confluence. It offers the perfect platform for problem-finding, for people to ask why, and why not, even as it brings together client leaders, academicians, influencers and the who's who of the world of technology and business for three days of looking, learning, sharing and improving.

For us, it is a huge opportunity to bring home the value of the amazing work we do for clients - the Infosys technology that flies planes, that makes drugs safer, that assures parents that their teens are driving cars safely, and in ways little and large making our world a better place to be. Better still, Confluence will create forums for all of us to learn from each other, to build new and renew old relationships, to outline our vision for our own business and our clients', based on innovation, automation and lifelong learning, and thus deliver the promise of brand Infosys.

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February 24, 2016

Power Of Ideas To Help India Be More

Posted by Sumit Virmani (View Profile | View All Posts) at 7:50 AM

"...miles to go before l sleep", Robert Frost's much quoted poetic description of the journey ahead seems a rather apt depiction of the path before India. Indeed, we have so much to do that needs to be done. For starters, how can we get the nearly 80% of India that's offline today, online? How can we find a way for India to lead the world in financial inclusion? What's the way to bridge the gender divide in the country? Is there a solution to ensure our education systems mould purposeful problem-finders instead of just problem-solvers? What about the dozens of questions posed by our growing young population and their growing aspirations?

Ideas - big, audacious, simple, smart, imaginative, forward-looking, doable - we need them all to find and solve challenges, such as these, that surround us.

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September 10, 2015

Helping Tennis Be More

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Infosys is the Global Technology Partner for The ATP World Tour [ Source: ]

"Experience is a great advantage. The problem is that when you get the experience, you're too damned old to do anything about it," said Jimmy Connors.

But, what if players and fans had the opportunity to do something learn from the experience of the all-time greats in tennis, and also had instant access to decades of data and insights to continuously guide them. Would that change the game? Would that change the viewing experience? Would the adoption of such state-of-the-art technology bring innovation to tradition?

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April 30, 2015

Confluence 2015: Inspiring Us To Be More

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The energy here is so palpable that one can almost touch it. The buzzing precincts of San Francisco Marriott Marquis suddenly seem incredibly electric. Nearly 800 delegates, including our clients from around the world, industry analysts, advisors and our ecosystem partners are gathered here, for Infosys Confluence 2015, to deliberate, discuss and debate how technology can make it possible for all of us to push the limits, make our businesses stronger and do all that we can imagine. Indeed, Be More.

While this overwhelming participation and celebration stands testimony to the three-decade strong relationship we've forged with our stakeholders, there's certainly more to it. I believe it is the dialogue Infosys has started about the new next-generation business challenges that these industry leaders are trying to get their arms around. Enterprises today continue to be challenged by the traditional concerns around efficiency and growth, while at the same time, they are witnessing fundamentally new kinds of problems for which there are no best practices yet. Infosys recently embarked on a journey to address these dual concerns through the Renew-New strategy. The renewal of the known - bringing massive, transformational improvements to our traditional services by bringing continuous innovations through automation, repeatability and AI. And simultaneously, focusing our creativity and imagination on the unknown - completely new kinds of solutions, open-source based, next-generation elastic platforms to solve the new kinds of problems. In other words, be the next-generation technology services provider. And what better place to see all this innovation in action than at Infosys Confluence 2015!

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