June 9, 2015

The Oracle Of Silicon Valley Has Spoken

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Mobile transformation is finally here [Source:]

In the realm of stock market investing, Warren Buffett is known affectionately as the 'Oracle of Omaha' by his legions of fans. The nickname refers to the small city that he has called home most of his adult life. Along those lines, I propose we call Mary Meeker the 'Oracle of Silicon Valley' for her prescient and mostly accurate views on the digital marketplace.

This former bank analyst, now a private equity financier investing in the very space she once wrote about, makes an annual Internet Trends report that pretty much stops the clock in the technology world. Everyone wants to hear what this particular oracle has to say about the rapidly evolving online world. One of the best aspects of her presentation is just how long she has studied the space: since the very beginning. If you want to get a sense of just how profoundly the Internet space has changed during the past two decades, take a look at her list of the largest Internet companies of 1995. Remember Netscape?

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March 10, 2015

Keeping An Eye On Apple Watch

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What Do We Know Now About Apple Watch? [Source:]

Spring forward and fall back. That's how everyone remembers what to do with their clocks twice a year with the onset (and then the end) of Daylight Saving Time. This year, Daylight Saving Time began on March 8 - a day before Apple launched the much anticipated Apple Watch. Playing as coy as possible, the Cupertino giant had issued a tantalizing invitation to the world's technology press that it would "spring forward" with the debut of a certain piece of hardware.

It didn't take much deduction to figure out that the device in question was the Apple Watch, springing forth into a market that analysts say is starving for every kind of wearable computing platform imaginable. But thinking about the whole affair - the symbolism, the merchandise, and the consumer demand for such goods - is enough to give one pause.

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March 3, 2015

3D Printing: Incredible Potential For Medical Device Makers

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Girl gets 3D-printed prosthetic hand - BBC News [Source:]

When you mention robotics to the average consumer, it conjures up images of really cool figurines strutting around the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas and greeting you with a smile. Or if the person is in the manufacturing sector, they no doubt think of the many robotic welding arms along an assembly line in, say, an automotive plant.

But what happens when you bring together a graduate student in aerospace engineering and another in neuroscience? You get robotics prototypes that could very well be profound game-changers for people who are missing limbs. Especially patients in the developing world, where such advanced prosthetics can be prohibitively expensive.

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January 7, 2015

'Web Functionality' Takes Over CES

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Gadgets, ideas unveiled at the International Consumer Electronics Show 2015 [Source:]

This tantalizing item comes in just in time for the annual hoopla that surrounds the Consumer Electronics Show: One of the hottest announcements in the word of consumer electronics and technology is that WhatsApp could very well be working on a web version of its popular messaging app.

Web functionality. It's what everyone's taking about these days ... inside and outside of the CES. Digital messaging services like Line, Viber, Telegram, and WeChat let their users send messages via their mobile phones or through accompanying websites. So far, WhatsApp, arguably the most popular of all these services, has yet to make the jump onto an official website with full functionality. I suspect it will. Now that Facebook acquired WhatsApp for what most analysts and experts agree to be an absolutely impressive $19 billion, you can bet part of the messaging service's utilitarianism will include web functionality.

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December 25, 2014

Here's Why Tech Form Follows Function

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The wearable in any form will eventually cost less to make and be smaller, lighter, and more convenient than smartphones and tablets

The average mobile user checks her device 150 times a day. So says one of the foremost authorities on technology in the world, Mary Meeker.

Meeker was one of the first Internet analysts in the 1990s. She left Morgan Stanley to become a venture capitalist at Kleiner Perkins and her annual Internet Trends presentation is the industry gold standard and a highly anticipated event. Her latest prediction is that wearable computing platforms are going to continue to boom in popularity. Consider a metric like consumer listening hours: On Pandora as measured in three categories (PC versus mobile & tablet versus wearables like car/TV/appliance), wearables are expected to account for more than a quarter of total share.

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December 4, 2014

Digital Ascendency Demonstrates Need For Right IT

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What is Internet neutrality? [Source:]

One of the recent gatherings of world leaders took place in Beijing at the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC). Top on their agenda? Not run-away epidemics, military campaigns, or the global economy. First on the list was the Internet.

If you don't think digital platforms have matured to the point where they're pervasive and downright influential, then consider what world leaders are discussing. The APEC conference brought the issue of Internet neutrality front and center.

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November 7, 2014

Who Spearheaded the Digital Revolution?

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J.C.R. Licklider was one of the founding founders of the modern day Internet [Source:]

I see on TV news that people wait in lines for days to buy a new mobile phone or tablet. Current events got me to thinking: What if I were to walk down any street in any city of the world and ask a random passer-by about who were revolutionary figures in, say, the histories of India and the United States. Chances are that anyone would very quickly be able to tell you about Gandhi and Washington in their respective quests for freedom. But if you ask those same passers-by who were the fathers (or mothers) of the global digital revolution, they'll likely be at a loss for words.

This would be an interesting experiment, because a random person would take the mobile device he's holding (or the new one he's hoping to buy this weekend), access the Internet, and search for those leaders of a digital revolution that continues to shape our world. The irony is that even those digital devices or a quick web search - results of their spirit of innovation - might not reveal key names from history!

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September 22, 2014

Creating a Lucrative Market for Digital Privacy

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Samsung buys SmartThings [Source:]

We're one step closer to that surreal society in which everything that surrounds you and comes in contact with you is connected to the Internet. It's easy to get quite excited about the prospect of just how convenient your personal life might become when the Internet of Things (IoT) takes on a massive scale.

There's a lot that needs to happen first. Some technology analysts predict that it could take five years or so for products - everything from table lamps to bracelets to coffee makers - to be embedded with sensors that allow them to be connected. It seems corporations are taking the IoT seriously. It reminds me when the world wide web just started becoming popular. Companies made sure they reserved the appropriate URL for their homepages even if they didn't know how they were going to use the net. I even recall a prominent CEO in the mid-1990s saying that he wasn't sure how the Internet would affect the various industries that his conglomerate was involved in. But he was nevertheless making sure they were prepared for the possibilities of how the web could affect commerce down the line.

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September 11, 2014

A New Perspective On The User Experience

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Tim Stevens talks about the new Apple launches  [Source:]

Apple users are a dedicated group. They remind me of automobile aficionados, whose magazines are largely dedicated to sneaking into corporate proving grounds and snapping photos of next year's model on the track. In that same spirit, Apple fans are always trying to get sneak peeks at what the company has in store for them. They are very vocal about what kinds of features next year's model should have, or the power under the hood, or the overall design.

Savvy enterprises listen to their consumers. Just as something as mundane as the cup holder came out of drivers requesting that their favorite car companies install secure places for their cups of coffee, computer manufacturers depend in part on the desires of their consumer base. That's why I was floored to see the size of the new iPhone 6 Plus. It's more than just a smartphone. It's what's known as a "phablet," and it means that Apple is now treading in waters in which it said (until quite recently, in fact) it would never be caught.

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August 26, 2014

New Races For New Digital Platforms

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In conversation with Asim Warsi from Samsung India  [Source:]

I was thinking about the waxing and waning of the digital technology sector's often-uneasy alliances the other day.

Look at what's happening in India. It is the single-most important and untapped market for consumer technology. And because of its sheer size, even a small percentage of the population doing something (like, say, purchasing a smartphone) is the equivalent of a far larger proportion of the population of just about any other country.

So it is with intense interest, that I've been following Google's latest campaign to market its new Android One telephone in India. Experts describe the move as ambitious. Because India is a challenging and a unique market for any enterprise, even the homegrown ones. And yet, if Google can make a go of it in India, I suspect the payoff would be huge.

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August 12, 2014

Business Platforms Fueled By The Internet of Things

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Marshall Van Alstyne at Emerce eDay  [Source:]

Ask yourself why a product like the iPhone has been such a commercial success. Since its introduction, Apple has produced millions of them. Is it the sleek, minimalist design? Is its success because of the ability to get them in different colors or even sizes? Maybe its because they're just trendy.

Well, if your response to these questions is "none of the above," then you're thinking like a true innovator. And I suspect you're going to be quite comfortable in the global economy that will exist in, say, five or 10 years from now. The answer I'm looking for is that the iPhone has been wildly successful because it created its own platform economy.

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June 20, 2014

The Secret Is In The Computing Platform

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Amazon CEO Bezos Introduces Smartphone [Source:]

This week, as another tech giant (Amazon) unveiled their own smartphone, I recall something Steve Ballmer used to tell his Microsoft colleagues about this hyper-competitive sector. Jump on the back of the big bear and don't let go, he'd say. He was referencing IBM as the big enterprise that Microsoft would jump on the back of in the 1980s. Getting on the back of a tech giant and not letting go is pretty interesting advice, I'd say. It's just as pertinent today even though many of the players have changed. And with the unveiling of an Amazon smartphone, that business advice from the 1980s is essentially turned on its head.

Amazon, you see, is already a big bear and wanting to get bigger. By launching its own mobile device, Amazon is essentially shaking off any enterprises that have been riding on its back. Amazon, with its own platform, has a clear and direct route to its consumers and will be further along in its strategy to sell everything to everyone. Consider that Microsoft, which has long been the dominant desktop platform, and Nokia, once the world's most popular mobile phone, together are but bit players in the current smartphone market. In some ways, I think that because the current market doesn't really care about legacy, Amazon might be all the more successful launching its own mobile platform.

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June 12, 2014

Morphing at Light Speed - Engage Your Consumers Better

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An Interview With Mary Meeker 121 [Source:]

Every year, several of us eagerly wait for the release of Mary Meeker's report. We use it to reconfirm some of our beliefs and validate the trends we observe. I recently watched, with much interest, the 2014 Internet Trends presentation. And there it was - a note about how companies (Western or otherwise) must open themselves up to just how significantly international consumers are connecting to their organizations as well as to each other. Right now, billions of mobile users across Asia, Africa, and South America are fundamentally changing the way the Internet works and how the world does business. Mobile devices and platforms are integral to how most of the world connects with each other, orders goods and services, and consumes news and information.

The proliferation of mobile device is forcing the outsourcing of end-user computing devices back to the end-user, with or without the enterprise approving of it. Consumers and employees are increasingly consuming enterprise apps on their mobile platforms, and seamlessly combining enterprise apps with hundreds of collaboration apps and thousands of utility apps. Sales teams are using their enterprise CRM systems, and at the same time, sharing contacts and collaborating via WhasApp, for instance. Users of WhatsApp send 50 billion messages each day. The Japan-based messaging app Line handles 10 billion messages a day. While Facebook is still very relevant as a mass broadcast model, WhatsApp and Snapchat offer people a means to maintain close and frequent contacts with smaller groups. The power of these platforms is immense. The knowledge these platforms accumulate about on the new hyper-connected consumers is a big asset. No wonder Facebook paid $19 Billion to acquire WhatsApp. More than the $17 Bn that GE is bidding for Alstom!

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January 30, 2013

Sharing the Innovation Spirit with AstraZeneca

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Sam Covell, Head of IS Procurement, AstraZeneca

Being a global service provider with a domain appreciation, we service clients across continents and verticals. We are accustomed to working with enterprises from across verticals that subscribe to various ideologies. Every once in a while we come across a company that sees the world in much the same way that we do. And the ideologies, that our two organizations share, make working together uniquely fruitful. One such company is the pharmaceutical giant AstraZeneca - where synergies are established along the 3Cs - Courage, Collaboration and Creativity - driving the value system on which execution was founded.  In a manner of speaking, we're both in the innovation business.

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October 10, 2012

Is your Apps Ecosystem an Elephantine Challenge?

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In the wild, elephants play a critical role - come floods or drought.  When there is excessive rainfall,  elephant-paths create drainage trenches for the gushing waters. During dry summers, these same elephants dig up much-needed waterholes in dry riverbeds. Those leading the technology organization, for global enterprises, often subscribe to this "elephant philosophy"; Even as they maintain a vast and varied portfolio of applications, running seamlessly, they look to create 'trenches' to divert technology support exactly into those areas that business needs it most.  On the other hand, when the application environment is fragmented - not unlike a drought situation - they seek to dig-up 'common reservoirs of resources'  to leverage savings.

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