April 12, 2016

Fueling A Transportation Revolution

Posted by Vikram Meghal (View Profile | View All Posts) at 10:02 AM

Testing the Tesla Autopilot on a 2,995-mile road trip [Source:]

"It'll never happen. Not in a thousand years."

That was the general response in the United States when Henry Ford began marketing his Model T to the masses. The reason there were naysayers: To accommodate a horseless carriage, the country would have to build a massive network of paved roadways and have refueling stations in almost every town. Think about it: Every town in America with a place where a driver could refill the tank of his automobile with gasoline?

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March 4, 2015

Anticipation Builds for the iCar

Posted by Vikram Meghal (View Profile | View All Posts) at 3:16 AM

Apple's Electric Car Plans: Should Tesla Worry? [Source:]

A couple of weeks ago I came across an interesting technological rumor: that Apple is making plans to build a car. Yes, an iCar. It helps the general buzz that Apple has reportedly been very aggressive in its poaching and hiring of talent from Tesla, the maker of futuristic, battery-powered vehicles. Apple has also made no secret that it wishes to dominate the wearable computing sector, which, if defined widely enough, includes driveable platforms. Even more industry buzz to add fuel to the proverbial fire: Silicon Valley entrepreneur Kyle Vogt's company, Cruise Automation, is expected to begin selling technology that lets cars drive themselves - the first company to do so. All that talk of a Google car and we've been missing some fascinating activity in the space going on right under our noses!

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February 3, 2015

Driveables Are Shifting Into High Gear

Posted by Vikram Meghal (View Profile | View All Posts) at 6:38 AM

Why Ford hired an ethicist to deal with driverless cars [Source:]

It's very curious that two different industry events that happened around the same time told us a lot about our future. I'm speaking of the annual Consumer Electronics Show (CES) that wrapped up in Las Vegas a few weeks ago, as well as the Detroit Auto Show, which also was held in January. Both are eagerly anticipated because vendors show off cool, new products as well as prototypes that might find their way into the market some day.

In Detroit - officially known as the North American International Auto Show - consumers were treated to a host of clean-energy cars that are incredibly fuel-efficient. Automakers are also touting how the materials used to make the interiors of their latest models are made out of recyclable, sustainable materials. These earth-friendly features are a hit with consumers - even those who come to the show to hear the roar of powerful internal combustion engines!

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August 18, 2014

Is There A Driveable In Your Future?

Posted by Vikram Meghal (View Profile | View All Posts) at 12:12 PM

Driver Awareness Research Vehicle (DAR-V) | Toyota [Source:]

A few weeks ago, Alan Mulally retired after a stellar run as chief executive officer of the Ford Motor Company. I would imagine many CEOs who step down from such a hectic job might have golf or other forms of recreation on their minds.

Not Mulally. One of the first things he did after retiring from Ford was to join the board of directors at Google. On the surface that might not seem like an earth shattering move. Some former CEOs like it best when they're still active with other companies as directors. But his particular choice of a board was what caught my eye. Google, you might know, is intent on creating and taking to market its own driveable computer platform.

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