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Coming Soon to a Living Room Near You - Applications on Your TV!

After over 60 years of color television, hundreds of channels (or is it thousands), innovations like HD and 3D we still can't seem to get enough TV.

"America's Love Affair with TV," Retrevo's awesome blog on TV viewing habits reveals that there are "more TVs than viewers to watch them."

The TV phenomenon isn't confined to the US, of course - the world loves its television entertainment and loves the simplicity of the user interface. Don't like what's on? Switch from the ever-increasing array of channels. Up and down. Child's play.

So why hasn't the Internet happened to television yet? Why aren't most of us online on our TVs, tweeting or texting or chatting?

Well, for one, convergence has been slow in coming, despite rosy predictions of the past. Technically it's feasible now at price points we couldn't have imagined before, now that we have converged "pipes" running to most homes--communications networks that can carry video, voice, and data to our growing collection of shiny digital gizmos.

But perhaps more importantly, television is what's called a "lean-back experience," one where we can unabashedly cater to our likes and dislikes. Sit back. Relax. See what's on.

Recently we've been doing more. See what's next. Time-shift it. Get video on demand. See it on your mobile. Or favorite tablet.

There's more to come. Developers and innovators around the world are busy working on the next set of uber-cool applications and services that will work right on your TV set - or set top box. Giving you control - with the same ease of use - up, down, left and right buttons on the same remote control. These powerful new apps and services will bring the best of the Internet to your TV--but in a way that you don't have to re-learn your TV browsing experience completely. Not one or two but hundreds--(and soon thousands) of applications are being developed for every imaginable lifestyle need.  And yes, they are on their way to your living room in Kentucky and even (en fran├žais) in Paris.

You won't have to get off that comfortable couch either :) Stay tuned!


Well, the love affair with TV is going to be a lot stronger now with web as the catalyst. We are staying tuned for sure!

Nicely written and waiting for the oh-that's-cool experience right on our couches.

This trend that Deepak is depicting is happening NOW in Europe where the IPTV market is dynamic. The "battle of the giants" has just started. Telcos are at the pole position offering enhanced triple play services. And next generation set top boxes are most promising for this new experience. Free (a French CSP) just released an all-in-one box providing VoIP, TV, Games (it comes with joystick like a gaming console), Video calls and more. Yet this market is still immature and there is an opportunity for a new eco-system of players to emerge soon.

What I would be interested in understanding is how this technology can be various scenarios. We already read about Smart TVs and apps everyday, so I dont see anything new in what you are saying

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