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August 7, 2017

Application Portfolio Analysis - The first step to Modernization

Organizations maintain a huge number of legacy systems that store a lot of hidden information and unidentified opportunities, accumulated over time. Owing to stiff competition and changes in customer needs, organization started moving on to adopt next gen architecture such as mobility, Cloud, DevOps etc. But before organizations can embark on digital transformation, they must understand their existing IT landscape. Application Portfolio Analysis helps organizations do just that either through top down approach such as surveys, meetings with SMEs or bottom up approach such as analyzing the inventory through tools or a combination of top down and bottom up approach.

Application portfolio analysis validates every application based on specific parameters of Business Adequacy such as revenue impact, total cost of ownership, end user experience, compliance and regulations, etc. and Technical Maturity such as availability, stability and Complexity. After analyzing the IT landscape, Infosys as a trusted partner, provides its unique 4Q solution i.e. Retire, Rehost, Renew or Reengineer as target disposition for every application.

Retire: If the application doesn't provide any business benefit and has poor technical capabilities, it can be considered as a good candidate for elimination/retirement. Due to compliance regulations, the data will be archived.
Benefits- Cost savings, removal of obsolete applications that reduce the complexity in IT environment.

Rehost: When application has business value but the current IT landscape results in huge costs, customers can migrate the applications on to a lower cost platform (e.g. Cloud) without modifying the existing functionalities.
Benefits- Cost savings, scalability for changing business needs.

Renew: Applications that have high business value and better technical features, requiring no major transformation can be enhanced with enabling web services (API), DevOps, etc.
Benefits- Enhanced customer experience, improved employee productivity.

Rewrite: Applications capable of generating greater business value but restrained by legacy systems in its ability to adapt to growing needs can be reengineered to next gen architecture such as Open Source, Cloud , DevOps, etc.
Benefits- Increase in revenue, agility, faster time to market and reduction in risk associated with aging workforce.

In a nutshell, if an organization decides to plan for major or any transformation, portfolio analysis helps them to avoid the risk of failure and also identify quick win opportunities that can reap immediate benefits

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