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November 22, 2013

Characteristics of companies with successful BI & Analytics initiatives

Guest Post by

Kishor Gummaraju, VP, Head, Management Consulting Services and BI & Analytics for Retail, CPG, Logistics and Life Sciences, Infosys Limited
Harish Gudi, Partner, Management Consulting Services, Infosys Limited
Santhanakrishnan R, Senior Principal, Management Consulting Services, Infosys Limited


Every organization that's in tune with current trends has BI & Analytics programs. What is also true in most places is "everyone within is running with what they call as analytics"!

IT / BI teams are focused on shaping up the enterprise BI & Analytics strategy, identify the right tools to be part of the 'standard stack', and deliver metrics & cubes that business can then pull into their self-serviced (sometimes do-whatever-you-want!) reporting & analysis on ipads.

On the other hand, business teams are adopting solutions that are fast enough to meet their needs & give them ready to consume insights, whatever the technology components are (standard or custom), and whoever the provider (internal BI or external providers), even if they realize the repercussions

There's frustration on both sides. Comments like "we can't deviate from our enterprise BI standards & have island solutions" (BI) and "we have these because we don't get what we need in reasonable time" (business) are not very uncommon even today.

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October 22, 2013

Successful channel partner enablement: Asking the right questions

According to Jeff Bezos, some companies work to try to charge more and others work to charge less. In today's business world, more companies are choosing to be the second kind. Business consultants are constantly challenged to come up with offerings and solutions that help companies achieve that goal.

One such business problem is how clients can achieve speedy route to success in their partner relationship management (PRM) transformation programs and therefore streamline channel operations and experience for partners.


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July 26, 2013

No More Train-the-Trainer....PLEASE!!!

No more train-the-trainer....please!!! What does this mean?  It means that based on industry experience this method of training is outdated, over-used, fails to deliver the necessary user adoption and is a lazy attempt to check the box on change management and training. 

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July 1, 2013

Winning at Enterprise Social Media in 5 Steps!!

In the movie "Field of Dreams," the main character hears a voice in his cornfield whispering "If you build it...he will come."  While this made for great family entertainment, this phase has no place in the implementation of new business processes and technologies such as ERPs, CRMs, or even Social Media Platforms.  "If you build, (he) they will come" is at best wishful thinking.  No, don't be na├»ve and think that just because you built it the people in your organization will actually use it.  This is especially true with Enterprise Social Media platforms.  Read on to learn how our Organizational Change Management consultants can help bring the "context" and best practice engagement methods to your Enterprise Social Media deployment that will drive user adoption!

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June 14, 2013

Let's get engaged!!

Traditionally, the engagement period prior to marriage gives the couple time to learn about each other's likes and dislikes, their histories and their goals in life, and to begin creating shared experiences.  Many believe this period sets the marriage on a course for long term success!  Hmmm, sounds kind of like what our change management consultants do with our clients when we engage with them on their business transformation journeys. 

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May 2, 2013

Social CRM Tech Trends -Twitter and Data Security

The recent news about the hacking of the Associated Press's (AP) Twitter account has once again highlighted the topic of social media and data security. When a reputed organization like the AP is hacked and misinformation spreads via their Twitter channel, it is natural for IT managers to be concerned, especially when internal customer relationship management (CRM) applications, such as Salesforce, interact with public social media.

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April 15, 2013

Analytical Models...Design Right and Monitor Well

Due to ever-changing business conditions and technological advancements, the predictive power of an analytical model can fade unless there is a mechanism to monitor and calibrate it, thereby keeping it in sync with decision variables. This raises few important and related questions. Can models be calibrated to ensure longevity? Is it feasible to design a self-learning model sensitive to business environment? Are there some model design and management principles which can address future performance needs?



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April 9, 2013

Social CRM Tech Trends -- Facebook Integration

For the past decade and a half, I have been involved with CRM implementations in various capacities. In that time, I have participated in the evolution of CRM from the days of in-house overly customized implementations to today's cloud based hosted CRM applications and ever evolving social media landscape. After mulling over the idea of sharing my experiences and thoughts through blog posts, I have finally decided to throw my hat in the ring.

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