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June 2, 2008

Offshore Architects as High Tech Cowboys

I read the interesting story about “High Tech Cowboys of the Deep Seas” in the Wired magazine a few months ago. [blog on] The part that caught my fancy was the distinct parallel between the Cowboy life of the protagonists in the story and Architects working for offshoring firms: experts in their niche skills who are able and willing to travel to unchartered waters (literally) to salvage sinking ships (or projects). Unlike the Deep-Sea-Cowboys, the Offshoring ones don’t generally risk their lives or limbs; though it sometimes feels like it when one hits rough tides in projects. This said, for Architect-cowboys, roughing-it-up may include a missed flight connection or being stranded at an unscheduled stopover due to inclement weather, secondary inspections at unusually long immigration and customs etc etc.

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September 26, 2007

M & A among offshorers .. or is it Offshoring M & A?

Infosys Rumored To Eye Bid For Capgemini ran a headline in Forbes and other business media, earlier this summer, causing a bit of a buzz in the stock-markets. Quoting the forbes article “They’re both denying it, but the markets are abuzz with rumors that Indian software giant Infosys will attempt to acquire a controlling stake in European tech consultancy Capgemini”  Another news, this time about a real merger in the offshoring space [Wipro completes cash tender offer for Infocrossing] was also watched closely by analysts and technologists alike.

Now, I am not given to rumors, but in my day job as an Architect, consultant and advisor to CxOs and technology leaders, I come across my share of smoke-and-mirrors on various aspects of technology management, including on Mergers and Acquisitions. I have to be cautious in voicing my opinion as I am bound by my employment contract, but then, it is hard for me to totally abstain from analysis of ‘hypothetical’ possibilities, the ‘what if’ scenario planning as management gurus call it.  And this is certainly a trend that media is closely watching. [Example, #1 among the “Five outsourcing trends to watch” Consolidation … also blogged online ]

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