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September 30, 2014

MICROS: The Newest feather in Oracle's Cap

In June this year, Oracle announced that it had entered into an agreement to acquire MICROS Systems for a whopping amount believed to be around $5 billion. This puts MICROS as the largest acquisition for Oracle, in a series of many, since it bought SUN Microsystems in 2010 and is still way short of what it paid for PeopleSoft. So what exactly made Oracle splash the not just the millions but the billions?

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September 28, 2014

Lower TCO and Cloud enable your applications using 'Application as a Service' offering from Infosys

Take a sampling of recent IT strategy discussions, the topic of 'Leveraging the Cloud' will feature prominently. A vast majority of the newer applications are built exclusively for the cloud. Does that mean all the existing application landscape and infrastructure is excluded from the deriving the benefits of the cloud? The answer thankfully is a resounding 'No'.

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September 26, 2014

Oracle Life Sciences portal - 'Go - Mobile' using Responsive Web Design

Increasing number of life sciences application users are shifting to mobile devices, as they need precise, updated, personalized and easily accessible information for doing their day-to-day work. As part of its offerings for the life sciences industry vertical, Oracle provides a rich suite of products ranging from eClinical applications, Operational Planning, Tracking and Management solutions to Clinical data ware housing and Pharma co-vigilance applications. With very few of them available on mobile devices, most of these applications are desktop applications having point-to-point integrations amongst them. 

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Oracle Social Network: Impact on a Sales Organizations

In the digital age, not a single day passes by without checking some social platform or the other; for professional growth or personal needs or just for information exchange. Social networks have increased the speed of communication and extended the reach of an individual. Social network have brought in vast pools of knowledge to the disposal of individuals by exchange of ideas & experiences. 

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September 24, 2014

Marketing in the Connected Consumer Age - Are you meeting customer expectations?

Stakes are high for brands to meet the expectations of today's digitally connected customers.  Customers are in control.  They know what they want and they know that brands are 100% focused on getting them to engage, interact and purchase... repeatedly.

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Utility workforce transformation - Need for smarter Field Service Management (FSM)

Need for "Smarter' FSM

In a typical Utility; there are multiple lines of business that require the field work force to handle the various business problems. The business problems are addressed through an effective back office work management and field force systems as illustrated in Figure 1. The field force systems or field mobility becomes the frontline for the utility on a day to day basis in resolving the issues. The line of business and nature of work will influence the application platform and hardware choices for field mobility as illustrated in Figure 2.


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September 23, 2014

Siebel CRM Service Experience Platform Solution to Fast-Track Entry into the Service Business

Field Service scheduling for equipment manufacturers can be very complex. It includes technician skill levels, ability to serve maximum number of customers in a day, ensuring spare parts are made available from the nearest service logistics warehouse, geographic spread of customers and a host of other parameters. Add to this the additional complexity of priority based re-scheduling of service requests due to sudden breakdown maintenance at your customer location.

If you are looking for ways to overcome the above challenges please join us for the session in OOW 2014 per the details below

Session ID: CON6504

Session Title: Siebel CRM Service Experience Platform Solution to Fast-Track Entry into the Service Business

Venue / Room: Moscone West - 2007

Date and Time: 10/1/14, 12:45 - 13:30

This blog is posted on behalf of Sireesh Nidumukkala, Senior Technology Architect, Infosys.

September 22, 2014

Capabilities of Siebel Mobile Disconnected Mode for Field Service

By Yusuf Kaydawala, CRM Consultant, Manufacturing Unit, Infosys


Out of the many exciting features in the latest Siebel Innovation Pack, the most interesting feature for me is the Siebel mobile disconnected mode. Siebel mobile disconnected application allows users to access the CRM application on the browser in their tablets and smartphone even when the user is not connected to the Siebel application. Once the connectivity with the Siebel server is restored, the application provides capability to synchronize the changes back to server. This application is ideal for a travelling sales or field service technician who have access to the network for most of their time.

Disconnected mode functionality should work on all the latest mobile devices available in the market that are HTML 5-compliant. User can engage the disconnected mode functionality on Chrome or Safari browser with at least 50 MB of available storage on the mobile device.

I have mapped various tasks performed by a field technician with the capabilities of Siebel Mobile Disconnected mode:

Field Engineer's Task

Task Details

Siebel Mobile Disconnected Capabilities

Miscellaneous Tasks

Logging in the mobile application


Logging off in the mobile application

Not supported

Viewing broadcast message

Not supported

Creating bookmark

Not supported

Invoking Menu

Not supported

Back button on UI

Not supported

Using Calendar features

Not supported

Exchanging data with external applications

Not supported

Create Orders


Preparing for a site visit

Creating Siebel Messages


Viewing Service request

Supported for synced Service requests

Viewing Account details like Service History, Assets, Entitlements and Contacts

Supported for synced Accounts

Viewing My Activities


Creating Orders


Running queries


Viewing Assets

Supported for synced Assets

Viewing Directions/Maps

Not supported

Checking required parts


Checking steps and instructions for the job


Checking Own Inventory position


Running PDQs to find other Activities

Not supported

Performing service

Changing activity statuses


Capturing time tracker


Capturing Part tracker


Committing Part tracker


Capturing expenses


Creating new Service Request


Creating new Activities


Adding Attachment to Service Request

Not supported

Viewing All Parts in the application

Supported for synced parts

Closing a service call

Closing Activity


Invoking Business rules / Validation on Activity closure

Partially Supported. DVM/WFs/Server scripting validations will not work

One of the key considerations for the Disconnected Application is that only 50 MB of offline storage is possible. To overcome the storage limitation, the business admins needs to do a careful analysis of the data and setup data filters to determine the data that needs to be downloaded on the mobile device.

Siebel mobile provides the ability to configure filters on various business entities to only download relevant data for offline usage like:

  • Accounts of only certain country
  • Activities in certain statuses
  • Products which can only be used as spare parts

Field service is one of the toughest jobs in the industry with field engineers servicing complicated equipment, often under unrealistic deadlines and customer expectations. The Siebel Mobile Disconnected application empowers the field engineer by enabling them to perform their daily tasks when they are on the road even without network connectivity.

Enhancing Sales Effectiveness and Customer Experience in High Tech Industry

In a world of relentless competition, differentiation is the key to sell your products and services, thus increasing the revenue and the profitability. The problem to differentiate tangibly is accentuated in the high-tech industry where companies manage multi-vendor supply chains, face ever shortening product life cycles, have to grapple with a complex CPQ function due to complexities around bundling of products, services and software, indulge in frequent product innovations and orchestrate complex multi-channel distribution. With so much focus on business operations and fulfillment, it is very easy to lose sight on rising expectations and changing needs of customers, channel partners and lose overall sales effectiveness.

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September 18, 2014

Upgrading to Oracle Hyperion for a Very Large EPM Landscape

Upgrading from a stable Oracle Hyperion EPM solution to a newer version is always a critical challenge for any client, as it can have a direct impact on an organization's ability to report externally in a timely manner. Some of the key influencing factors for a Hyperion Upgrade are

        Need for Continued support and additional features like better and intuitive user interface

        Existing Paint Points or Performance Issues

        Leveraging available landscape in a better

        Discontinued product impact of older version and going along future direction from Oracle

        Possible avenues to accelerate close cycle and improve the budgeting and planning process


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