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November 20, 2015

ORMB Shows the Way Forward

In my previous blog, we spoke about new business models like Bitcoin and Alternate remittance mechanisms that are disrupting the money transfer industry. In this blog we will discuss why Oracle's financial services revenue management and billing (ORMB) platform shows the way forward. 


Oracle's financial services revenue management and billing (ORMB) platform is an industry-leading product that is designed and developed for financial service providers and money transfer companies. The product enables these companies to respond swiftly to changes in the money transfer landscape.


Let us consider some key areas where the ORMB-based platform can deliver better business value:

Industry Trend

ORMB Advantage


Support multi-country operations


The business of money transfer mandates operations across the globe, presenting unique challenges such as the need to:

  • Support multiple currencies and different exchange rate sources
  • Support diverse money transfer mechanisms - retail, digital, mobile, phone, etc.
  • Comply with local generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP)
  • Comply with diverse escheatment, consumer liability and ad hoc requests for money transfer regulators


ORMB is based on proven and scalable architecture that:

·   Allows companies to support global operations and different geographical nuances using a single worldwide instance within a single application


·   Handles millions of customer accounts, complex billing requirements and diverse product portfolios. It also enables generation of large volumes of invoices within a short processing window.


·    Supports multi-currency accounts and their conversion into corporate currency for invoice presentment and provides a drill from summary to detailed views to handle customer inquiries

Source: Oracle Corporation

Increased Digital Footprint


As emerging digital money transfer providers access better business opportunities, brick-and-mortar stores want to expand their digital footprint and integrate it with their existing infrastructure. Typically, these stores derive 5-10% of revenues from digital channels. 'Going digital' presents a lucrative opportunity for such stores to expand their reach in newer markets.


ORMB allows companies to support diverse money transfer mechanisms within a single instance and provides the flexibility to set up different business rules for different business areas.

Accurately identify and compensate all the parties in a money transfer transaction


To ensure a successful money transfer transaction, several parties may be involved such as send/pay agents, merchants acquirers, payment processors, marketing companies, etc.


ORMB allows money transfer companies to model complex hierarchical agent relationships and associate unique commission models and commission calculation frequencies, thereby ensuring effective and accurate compensation for all parties in any money transfer transaction.


Support diverse range of products


Money transfer companies must offer a diverse range of products based on transfer mechanisms, geographies and promotions along with swift time-to-market.


ORMB allows agile and faster deployment of new products, product groups and bundles through configurable rules.

Support agent-specific commission models


Money transfer companies must support a wide range of commission models to accommodate agent-specific commission models.


ORMB provides the capability to support all commission models and promotional commissioning. It also supports commission calculation, summarization, invoicing, and funding at all levels of the agent hierarchy.

Implemented by Infosys, ORMB is a best-in-class solution that offers extensive out-of-the-box functionalities to support the entire money transfer lifecycle. Further, the solution can be customized to suit the requirements of small, medium and large companies and offers them the flexibility to scale up when needed.

October 30, 2015

Agility and customer focus the way forward in financial services

Posted by Amit Singh, Lead Consultant, Oracle Practice, Infosys

With evolving operating models, the financial services industry undergoes dynamic and transformational change every few years. This adds complexity to financial processes that need to efficiently mitigate risk through smart technologies.

With the emergence of the e-commerce retail market, revenue in the financial services sector is expected to grow. Global retail sales including in-store and online purchases are predicted to reach over US $22 trillion in 2015. Financial service providers play a role in driving this growth by enabling fast, safe and user-friendly multi-channel payment options such as e-transfer, plastic money, mobile wallet, and phone banking across various networks.

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October 29, 2015

The Future of Payments on Your Fingertips

Posted by Akhil Mootolikandy, Senior Consultant, Oracle Practice, Infosys

The cards and payments industry is buzzing with new innovation of contactless payments. Applications such as Apple Pay and Android Pay are already gaining popularity in the market. In contactless payments, devices communicate directly with point-of-sale (POS) terminals using near field communication (NFC). While the technology of NFC has been around for a decade, contactless payment is fuelling its aggressive adoption in the payments industry. Despite this, payment authentication still remains a cumbersome process owing to the need to generate one-time passwords or provide additional verification details. Let us take a look at how contactless payments can leverage innovation to make authentication easier for customers.

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October 27, 2015

Succeeding in the competitive money transfer industry - A case for ORMB

Posted by Gautam Begde, Lead Consultant, Oracle Practice, Infosys

Money transfer is a large industry that generates significant business revenue. A World Bank survey stated that over US $580 billion was remitted globally in 2014 and this value is expected to reach US $600 billion by 2017.

Traditionally, the money transfer industry has been dominated by brick-and-mortar stores that offer money transfer services through agents. However, the proliferation of the Internet and smart phones has created a new breed of digital money transfer providers that are changing the industry's competitive landscape. These players can provide money transfer services at lower average cost and much faster. These trends, coupled with emerging business models that cater to untapped market segments, are disrupting the money transfer industry and becoming a formidable challenge for existing companies. Let us take a look at two of these new business models:

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Next What - 'Strategy to Solution Deployment' using HCM Cloud Solutions

Posted by Sankar Konduru, Senior Industry Principal, Oracle Practice, Infosys

To start with, let me tell you a bit about my latest interactions with my son. While I reason out every choice he makes these days - right from the color of his shirt to the flavor of coffee, we end up with some surprising choice patterns when these transactions finally end. I think, It is not uncommon to have these surprises from your kids, especially if they are moving from the days of 'you making choices for them' to the state of 'let me try to make my own choices' on everything that matters to them. If you go one level deeper into my kid's behavior pattern analysis, I feel, his surprising choice pattern is due to the wide range of options available creating equal amount of confusion in his mind while making these choices.

Close to work, we observe a similar pattern of surprising choice making with our customers these days. Funny, it may sound, but the comparison with an adolescent's choice patterns is very apt. Agreed, the situations which my son gets into every time are very far-fetched from a real business problem which our customers face these days. But just like I own responsibility to handle my son's choices, we gleefully work with our customers to resolve these issues and provide right business solutions / choices.

The moot point is, if we ever end up with only type of behavior pattern to handle during our professional work. The answer is a big NO, obviously. We get to work with all kinds of customers with very varied business problems and behavior patterns. Hence, it is good for us to have such behavior pattern analyzed and explored further.

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Optimize On-Floor Production Timelines with Dynamic Time Capture

Posted by Suvivek Kadam, Lead Consultant, Oracle Practice, Infosys

Today's manufacturing industry faces constant pressure to meet ever-increasing consumer demands while ensuring high product quality. To stay competitive and fulfill orders on-time, manufacturers must keep pace with changing business requirements. Juggling this while minimizing operating cost and increasing margins is a significant challenge. To address the increasing complexity in business processes, manufacturers need:

  • Dynamic time capture capabilities for work order routing to determine accurate timelines for production
  • Proper provisioning of raw materials for each work order along the production line

Let us briefly explore the above requirements to see how manufacturers can benefit from technology solutions that address these challenges

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Card Players Need to Get Smarter with Technology

Posted by Taniya Shinghal, Consultant, Oracle Practice, Infosys

Can you imagine a world without credit or debit cards? Electronic payment has given way to a new era of finance services and products that has made purchasing easier for consumers. Today, new technologies such as mobile wallets and phone banking solutions have increased the reach of credit and debit cards, making these instruments indispensible for in-store and online shoppers. The total volume of non-cash transaction payments including cards is expected to be close to 400 billion transactions in the year 2014.

Let us take a look two leading network providers - Visa and MasterCard - to understand their dynamic business journey and how technology can improve their service offerings

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October 23, 2015

Is IoT Merely a Buzzword that will Become Obsolete with Time?

Posted by Abhijit Yadavrao Talokar, Principal Consultant, Infosys

In 2014, Gartner predicted that over 4.9 billion devices will be connected owing to the Internet of Things (IoT). This extreme connectivity pertains to device-to-device and human-device interactions. With advanced technologies that enable remote capture of metrics and intuitive analytics, the age of IoT is helping enterprises detect risk of equipment failure and take immediate preventive measures to avoid damage. Let us explore how this extreme connectivity works with the IoT using some examples.

  • Human-device interactions - Signals from remote devices can be captured though sensors and communicated to personnel through the Internet to ensure that appropriate action is taken. For example, drones can be used for pizza delivery.
  • Device-device interactions - Signals can be transmitted between devices through the Internet, allowing a certain degree of intra-device communication without the need for human intervention. For example, anti-collision systems for railways depend on signals captured from each train. In cases where two trains erroneously travel on the same track towards each other, these captured signals can detect a probable collision and communicate it to both trains, whereupon  brakes are applied automatically to avoid a potential accident.

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Modern banking with Siebel Financial Services

Posted by Ashish Goyal, Lead Consultant, Infosys Australia and Pooja Kumari, Service Delivery Manager, Infosys Limited

The global economy cannot exist without banks. Banking institutions play a critical role in the lives of consumers who are constantly conversing with their banks to transact and invest.

Previously, the business of banking involved educating customers about banking products and services as well as cross/up-selling. However, most of these interactions along with daily/monthly transactions could be done solely by personally visiting branch offices. Further, as banking offerings grew, customer information began to reside across disparate systems making it challenging to glean a holistic customer view.

The digital age with its new technologies is disrupting the traditional ways of banking. Advancements such as automatic teller machines (ATMs), phone banking, net banking, mobile banking, digital security, etc., have created a new segment of customers that want simple and quick access to products and services. Customers no longer want to wait in long queues or depend on branches, tellers or personal visits to transact. They want quicker processes, leaner applications/mechanics and meaningful conversations with their bankers.

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Meet Infosys at Booth #1101 at Oracle OpenWorld 2015

Posted by Indranil Mukherjee, VP & Service Offering Head - Oracle, Infosys

With the enterprise application services space undergoing a phenomenal transformation led by technology, there should be no surprises when I tell you that the Oracle practice at Infosys has anticipated these changes and stayed ahead of the curve. As a leading Diamond partner, we have been co-investing with Oracle and with our clients to enable them to steadily shift to the latest and greatest, and thereby future proof their IT investments.

I welcome you warmly to attend our sessions at Oracle OpenWorld where you will stories from our clients as to how we were at the heart of such transformational journeys, along with that a series of thought leadership panels and best practice sessions led by our marquee clients and experienced practitioners.

I invite you to meet us at booth number 1101 at Moscone South during Oracle OpenWorld to see how our suite of business and technology solutions can help your enterprise be more competitive.

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