To be sustainable, businesses need to be economically viable, and environmentally and socially feasible. In creating a Sustainable Tomorrow, IT has an important role to play. Our ‘Sustainable Tomorrow’ blog discusses and invites opinions on the latest trends in sustainability and how we can rapidly adapt to the challenges of sustainable lives, run sustainable businesses and more.

Blogger Profiles

Amit Deshpande

Marketing Manager, Sustainability, Infosys

Amit DeshpandeAmit has over 11 years of experience in the IT industry and has played various roles across software development, business analysis, pre-sales, product management, sales, and marketing.

As a marketing manager with Infosys, he is responsible for developing and executing marketing strategies to position products and services, and building the company’s brand around sustainability.

Amit will be blogging on – sustainability market trends, sustainability reporting, IT and brand management.

Amresh Singh

Lead Consultant, Sustainability Practice, Infosys

Amresh SinghA die-hard IT professional of more than 15 years, Amresh Singh is hands-on with solution architecture and design based on Java and J2EE platforms.

As a lead consultant, Amresh’s crowning achievements so far include overseeing the development of an online Web application for a large government department in U.K. Thanks to this application, the department’s end users benefit from filing their claims online – instead of having to stand in serpentine queues. 700 – 1000 claims are filed online every day, 85% of which are resolved without any need to move the court in the matter.

In other engagements, Amresh has worked for a healthcare system in U.K, as well as for a large, British-Dutch multinational consumer goods player, IT-enabling its departments such as investor relations, finance, marketing, and corporate trademarks.

Amresh will blog on application integration; and environment, health, and safety (EHS), sustainability reporting, and sustainable supply chain.

Anitha Damodharaswamy

Senior Project Manager, Infosys Labs, Infosys

Anitha DamodharaswamyWith more than 12 years of experience in enterprise water management and energy management as well as personal carbon footprint platforms, Anitha provides solutions – all the way from ideation through support and delivery. Additionally, she has far-reaching experience in developing software solutions, which have an emphasis on materials procurement and are especially geared to the needs of manufacturing.

As a member of Infosys Labs – Infosys’ research and innovation wing, Anitha supports the ‘Sustainable Tomorrow’ theme that forms part of Infosys’ ‘Building Tomorrow’s Enterprise’ strategy.

Anitha will blog on water management and sustainable supply chain.

Deepali Kamat

Consultant, Sustainability Practice, Infosys

Deepali KamatDeepali has five years of industry experience. She has provided inputs on Infosys’ Sustainability solution, and has also co-developed and co-presented several client proposals.

As a Consultant with Infosys, she is involved in service offerings to help clients on their Sustainability strategies and execution.

Deepali will blog on Corporate Sustainability Strategy and Execution, Sustainability Program Management, Sustainability Reporting, Sustainable Supply Chain, Smart Building Solutions, Carbon Accounting, Energy Management, and Waste Management.

Dipak Rath

Principal Consultant, Sustainability Practice, Infosys

Dipak RathDipak has 15 years of industry experience. He has influenced and shaped Infosys’ Sustainability Solutions and Services as per market demands. Dipak’s skills are in Enterprise Carbon, Energy and Resource Management Software and Utility, Resource Bill Process Automation Solution, etc.

Currently as Principal Consultant, he is involved in Infosys’ Sustainability Intellectual Property (IP) solutions and service offerings, to help clients on their Sustainability strategies and execution.

Dipak will blog on Corporate Sustainability Strategy and Execution, Sustainability Program Management, Sustainability Reporting, Sustainable Supply Chain, Smart Building Solutions, Carbon Accounting, Energy Management, and Waste Management.

Govindaraj Arasan

Consultant, Sustainability Practice, Infosys

Govindaraj ArasanFor more than six years, Govindaraj has been committed to developing sustainable solutions and frameworks.

As a Consultant, Govindaraj helps client enterprises, including businesses and commercial buildings, to responsibly manage their energy use and adopt a sustainable approach to business.

Govindaraj will blog on Energy Efficiency, Energy Conservation and Management for Industries and Commercial Buildings as well as Green Energy Technologies.

Jayraj Ugarkar

Lead Product Manager and Head, Internet of Things Center of Excellence (CoE), Infosys

Jayraj UgarkarJayraj has over 17 years of experience in the IT and Telecommunications industry. He has worked with leading industry brands including AT&T, British Telecom, Telekom South Africa, and Sprint.

Currently, Jayraj is a Lead Product Manager with Infosys, and heads the Internet of Things Center of Excellence (CoE).

Jayraj will blog on the use of Internet of Things, Machine-to-Machine (M2M) Technologies in Sustainability, Resource Management and Smart Buildings.

Karen Schlesinger

Consultant, Sustainability, Infosys

Karen SchlesingerKaren Schlesinger has significant experience in sustainability management, entrepreneurship, project management and training. She has worked on a breadth of projects – covering GHG accounting and sustainability reporting, to brand strategizing for beverage and packaging businesses as well as educational institutions.

Karen’s blogs look at sustainable brand management, sustainable supply chain, sustainability market drivers, and sustainability best practices.

Kaushik Ramakrishnan

Associate Practice Engagement Manager, Sustainability Practice, Infosys

Kaushik RamakrishnanKaushik has nine years of industry experience. He has worked with multiple clients across industry verticals to design and deliver business and technology solutions.

Currently as Associate Practice Engagement Manager, he specializes in Go-to-Market (GTM) for Infosys Sustainability services and solutions across Europe, which includes sales, partnerships and marketing.

Kaushik will blog on Corporate Sustainability Strategy and Execution, Sustainability Program Management, Smart Building Solutions, Sustainability Reporting, and Energy Management.

Laura Russell

Senior Consultant, Sustainability Practice, Infosys

Laura RussellLaura works closely with clients to understand their sustainability needs and identify highly-relevant solutions.

In past roles, Laura has worked extensively in the area of corporate sustainability and carbon management, including in the reporting of organizational and supply chain-related emissions. She has also served as an environmental manager on large infrastructure projects.

Laura will blog on corporate sustainability reporting, carbon management, and sustainability strategies.

Laxmikanth Pendyala

Senior Consultant – Data Centers, Green IT & Sustainability, Infosys

Laxmikanth PendyalaIn a career spanning a little more than a decade, Laxmikanth Pendyala has built strong expertise in the following areas: energy-efficiency helpline systems, order management modules, contact center applications, interactive voice response solutions, testing business processes associated with automated meter reading as well as testing migration strategies for upgrades to IT systems that support automated metering; and enabling regulatory rollouts for applications that support data collection, metering operations and data aggregation.

Laxmikanth feels privileged to be working with marquee clients in the utilities and automotive business.

Laxmikanth will blog on data Centers, green IT and sustainability.

Shamik Mitra

Associate Engagement Manager, Sustainability Practice, Infosys

Shamik MitraShamik has worked with Utility clients for Infosys for 14 years, and has in-depth knowledge of the Power Industry.

Shamik will blog on Corporate Sustainability Strategy and Execution, Smart Building Solutions, Energy Management, Water Management, Waste Management, and Green IT.

Dr. Sunita Purushottam

Principal Consultant – Sustainability Unit, Infosys

Sunita PurushottamDr. Sunita is an expert in the area of greenhouse gas (GHG) air emissions, waste management, and sustainability strategy and reporting. She pays particular attention to helping clients enable relevant processes and systems, thus making it possible for them to further their sustainability initiatives.

Dr. Sunita has been very closely involved with the sustainability journey at Infosys for enhancing in-house reporting processes. In addition, she has organized a workshop on GRI sustainability reporting as well as provided guidance in the process for materiality indicator determination.

At Dr. Sunita’s blog, readers will find a range of discussions around sustainability strategy and reporting, carbon strategy and accounting, waste and supply chain.

Timo Halmeaho

Lead Consultant, Sustainability, Infosys

TimoHalmeahoTimo Halmeaho has extensive knowledge of product lifecycle management (PLM), product compliance, industry regulations like EU RoHS and REACH, as well as high volume electronics manufacturing. He has more than 13 years of industry experience.

The primary focus of Timo Halmeaho’s blogs will be on product compliance, full materials declaration, compliance partners and content providers.

Dr. Tony Rooke

Principal Consultant, Sustainability Practice, Infosys

Dr. Tony Rooke Dr. Tony Rooke helps organizations strategize and build a sustainable tomorrow, thus creating revenue opportunities while reducing environmental impact.

Dr. Tony’s blog posts will bring a practitioner’s perspective to matters like corporate sustainability reporting, carbon management, sustainability strategies, sustainable cities, green IT, climate change and policy, and sustainable supply chains.

Varun Taware

Lead Consultant –Sustainability, Infosys

Varun Taware Varun Taware is a consulting and product management professional with around eight years of experience – with a solid background in energy efficiency and sustainability.

As a lead consultant, Varun trains his attention on energy efficiency and sustainability reporting.

Varun will blog on data management strategy, energy efficiency, sustainability reporting, and business transformation.

Vaibhav Bhatia

Senior Consultant, Data Centers & Green IT, Sustainability Practice, Infosys

Vaibhav BhatiaVaibhav has 9 years of industry experience, six of which have been focused on Sustainability, with an emphasis on green initiatives in the data center and energy efficient computing.

As a Senior Consultant, Vaibhav is accountable for large-scale setup and migration of data centers as well as for ensuring their sustainability. He is also the author of several insightful papers on data centers and Green IT.

Vaibhav will blog on Data Centers, Green IT, Sustainability as well as Business Transformation.