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Roundtable: Business Meets Governance at G-20 - II

Guest Post by
Kris Gopalakrishnan, CEO and Managing Director, Infosys Technologies Ltd.

  1. We had an active and fruitful working session with all the CEOs from the three working groups under the Corporate Social Responsibility theme. New ideas emerged including the role of social entrepreneurship in creating new jobs. Many in the room supported microfinance as a viable mode to address employment issues by creating small entrepreneurs. The need for creation of a "global resource center" or a "global clearing house" to act as a repository for best practices and pilots emerged through the discussions.
  2. The news that both France and Mexico plan to continue to host the G20 Business Summit has emerged-- what formats will be used are still unclear. The CEOs seemed to converge on the need for a process to continue this dialogue on an ongoing basis and did not want this to be seen as a one-off initiative. They also agreed on the need to define some process to review action arising from this session. A combined public-private taskforce may be a way to take this forward between G20 Summits. Many Heads of state participated in the G20 Business Summit at Seoul and gave their support to the processes defined here.

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