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The Best is Yet to Come - Revolutionizing Application Services

Applications - The pride of every IT department and the lifeline of every enterprise. Over the last three decades, applications have evolved tremendously. They have transformed themselves from batch to online to on-demand. The hosting platforms have changed from mainframe to client server to web and now, cloud....

To this, I am asked very often: "Cloud, mobile and social are going to be the game changers but what is the future of the trustworthy, robust applications which cater to my day-to-day operations? Will they all become obsolete?
The answer for this lies in the ongoing transition, especially with the influence of Consumer Applications. Few organizations have realized this and have been quick in adopting innovations to transform their entire model of traditional Application Services. These are the ones leading the marketplace today. What is common to these players? What has gotten them the lead in the market? Though it is in no way comprehensive, I feel that these leaders have looked at 4 specific areas to transform their traditional Application Services Arena

• Automation ++: The world around is evolving to adopt higher standards of automation. It's no more about automating few steps in the task flow to make it shorter and faster. This is old and really archaic. Automating tasks that get accomplished without any kind of manual intervention, that's the whole new level being looked at today.

• Application Lifecycle Management Platforms: Everyone is aware of the frustration of design/build/test/release tools not talking to each other and the time wasted in managing redundant information. But, today, with concepts like Open Services for Lifecycle Collaboration (OSLC), the sharing of data across different tools adopting OSLC standards is becoming seamless. This enhances the possibilities of automation across the entire lifecycle. Organizations can now create a platform to help them in rapid provisioning of tools and attain lesser maintenance and licensing costs. Who would not like that, consider the capital amount that gets locked in the entire process of procuring and maintaining licenses today? 

• Agile the "New Normal" in Development: Waterfall was the mantra for delivering applications for the last two decades. Rightly so. It delivered predictability and quality. However, Agile is fast emerging as the "New Normal". As per leading industry sources, Agile usage is on track to become the  mainstay for developing applications worldwide.  By 2015, nearly one-third of all application development will happen with Agile. Organizations will look at combining Development and Operations to amplify the synergy between the App Development and Operation teams.

• New Technologies knocking at Your Door:  Talk about getting a facelift done at a Spa or a Saloon. This is what Rich internet applications (RIA) are doing to the entire Application Services space. Mobile and social media are helping organizations engage with their consumers like never before. 'As-a-service' offerings, enabled by the Cloud, are changing the underlying paradigm of shared services itself.

The traditional portfolio of applications is poised for a whole new facelift, tricks and much more. Are you ready for the next Avataar?


Great to hear your perspective on the future of Application Services.

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