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Adopting Agile in Insurance - The Dos and Dont's

Posted by Dheeraj Keswani


Agile Development has the potential of delivering a much better end product and truly change the way business and IT collaborates.  It enables IT to develop multiple iterations of a prototype for a long term project with more business stakeholder visibility as the project evolves, as well as the ability to introduce changes as business or IT deems fit.

That being said, rushing in to implement agile methodology is definitely not a great idea. You really need to be planned about the entire approach, also be very clear of the desired results that you would like to attain. In line with the same, recently I came across a very smart and short post, 'Agile Methods In Insurance', talking about how insurers were failing to make Agile Development work for them. The blog post captured a few critical pointers on how Agile implementations can be made successful in the Insurance industry. I strongly believe that it is relevant to anybody and any organization planning to embark on the journey of Agile Development.

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