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What's ailing Application Management today?

I am huge fan of Formula 1. The similarities I see between this sport and the business world are uncanny. In high speed F1 there is no space for a slow moving car or a wrong turn or wrong strategy. Every mistake is punishable, and sometimes life threating. But one thing that it truly teaches you is that the guy first off the block needn't be the one who finishes first....

Similarly in business, losing out is not tied to adopting new technology or to changing business demands. Rather, when you look at it, the problem lies in the mindset that today's IT organizations harbor. Often, IT departments are content with incremental improvements, excited by the promise of faster, cheaper and better solutions. Additionally, innovation gets limited in favor of cost.

While business has been quick to transform itself and align to the ever-changing needs of end consumers, IT lags in replicating this for its business stakeholders. IT desperately continues to talk 'SLAs', while business has moved on to 'outcomes', IT still speaks about 'efficiency', while business has moved to 'effectiveness', IT continues to harp about 'value to come', whereas business is demanding 'value today and now'.

Essentially, IT thinks incremental, while business is screaming for a quantum leap in value delivered on all fronts. So, if I were a CIO, the question that I would be really asking myself is how can I make possible such a quantum leap in value delivered? How am I really going to transition from being viewed as a cost center, to being viewed as a true business partner?

If these questions or thoughts have started to cross your mind, then your days of being limited by incremental improvements are soon to be over.  For you, the race has just begun.

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