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Create, Assemble and Deploy - The Future of Application Development

Created by Prashant Pawar, Delivery Manager, CORPADM

Discussions over a cup of coffee can really provide food for thought. I was talking to a few office colleagues about a deal we had recently won. The topic of discussion was what actually got us to win that deal. Everyone agreed that our solution was well matched to those of our competitors, then what was different...

The debate finally ended when we came to a common understanding amongst ourselves. We had actually embraced the existing assets (client's as well as ours) before we started working on forming a completely new system from ground up. That is what had won it for us.

This episode provoked our thoughts. We looked at avenues to leverage assets to reduce development costs and improve cycle time. We felt the need of an ecosystem that will embrace existing assets and harvest value to the fullest. This ecosystem will comprise of - CREATE, ASSEMBLE and DEPLOY. CREATE focuses on standardization to build reusable assets (components), ASSEMBLE focuses on standard assembly approach to assemble applications from various assets and DEPLOY focuses on infrastructure.

CREATE is nothing but component based development (CBD). It is a methodology used to build industry standard components. CBD is about understanding client business in best possible way and converting it into world class reusable components that can be extended to deliver the solutions. These components are designed in a manner where they can be leveraged across clients and technologies with valid IP checks in place. If we are able to pick opportunities for which we have available components we will have a definite price and time to market advantage.
The mantra is to create opportunity and generate more with less.

ASSEMBLE is smart assembly of the components. This approach is common in manufacturing or auto industry. In IT, once standardization is achieved while creating components and defining interfaces then it is only a matter of adding customization on top of it. Customization plays an important role as it creates business differentiation to our clients. At the end, stitching of assets (client, Infosys and third party) is to be done through defined mechanism to create desired functionality.

The third aspect is DEPLOY. Once an application is ready then it has multiple choices for deployment. Deployment depends upon the agreed arrangement between our clients and partners.

This ecosystem has a lot to offer to various stakeholders. For client community, it will offer AD solutions with lower cost, faster time to market with great agility.  For Infosys it will generate IP, create accelerators to deliver solutions and win more business.

Create a WIN - WIN situation for all the stakeholders......That's the ultimate objective.

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