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Joe is back!

Posted by Vijay Sairam Pratap, Marketing Head, Business IT Services, Infosys

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Who is Joe? Joe was our IT guy, our veritable Mr. Know-it-all. He was Mr. Dependable and more importantly, was always there when you needed him. My problem was his problem, not just some random request that he tagged into his time sheet. Also, no matter where one sat, Joe was just a shout away. He represented IT hygiene; the kind that I couldn't live without. 

A few years later, globalization happened. The great divide was called out between Strategic and Non-Strategic; as a result Joe was transformed into what they called a 'Centralized Support Center'. We essentially lost our Joe. In his new avatar, things were never the same. Granted that this was in-line with the corporate goals read cost optimization, but for me, having IT issues now was no less than it being a 'Friday the 13th'. Joe could now only be accessed by phone or mail. Forget about shouting for him in desperation. Interacting with him live was out of the question; seeing him but a desire. He became to us a helpline number, with the voice and name that changed each time you called in. Whatever happened to stakeholder satisfaction? I want Joe back now! 

After years of research, penance and soul searching, Infosys has brought back our good old Joe!  The only difference being, he now sits on your desktop, not a couple of desks away.

Feel free to meet and interact with Joe at Infosys' Virtual Command Center here

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