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Joe makes IT a true business enabler!

Posted by Vijay Sairam Pratap, Marketing Head, Business IT Services, Infosys

Thanks to Infosys Virtual command center, it's indeed great to have Joe back. It's like having the entire IT support team at one place, if not physically, at least by virtual presence. I can have Joe present with me live to resolve my IT queries rather than dropping him an email or calling him and waiting for ages for him to respond. With Joe, turnaround times are definitely something of the past as my issues are resolved instantaneously and in real-time - the way I always liked it. With all these advantages, it is really no surprise to me that all my colleagues now are eager to have their very own Joe. 

Thank you Infosys for leveraging the constructs of virtual physical collaboration and by bringing Joe back, you have provided me the luxury of 
  • Same room experience - Connecting stakeholders through intelligent mediums such as virtual tele-presence, document sharing and video conferencing. 
  • Dynamic service desk - Desktop sharing and remote control to ensure faster and efficient ticket resolution, multi-lingual chat and translations to enable a truly localized and uniform support irrespective of how distributed operations are.
  • Instant contextual knowledge and knowledge transition - Online knowledge transition rooms, organized online KT sessions, learning dashboards help Joe (the service engineer)  and moderator resolve the queries without having to look elsewhere for similar cases and resolutions. 
These features of the Infosys Virtual Command Center bring people, processes and transactions (not just online transactions) together, across global locations, making it a remarkably satisfying and efficient experience for stakeholders like us. 

So, with Joe around IT is definitely a business enabler for me!

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