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Blogger Profiles

Amar Pratap Rama Murthy

Senior Principal Technology Architect, Open Source Practice, Infosys

Amar Pratap Rama Murthy Amar Pratap is a Technology Management Professional with more than 20 years of experience in playing the roles of Chief Technology Officer (CTO), Vice President? (VP) of Product Engineering, and Chief Architect. His pioneering career reflects strong leadership in heading product engineering; given his expertise in hands-on IT and solution architecture, product development, and software-as-a-service platform development. He focusses on achieving bottom-line results while formulating and implementing advanced technology and business solutions with a superior record of delivering simultaneous large-scale, mission-critical projects on time, and under budget for several premium companies.

Amar Pratap has extensive experience in health care, insurance & financial services, gaming, retail, media & publishing, technology, supply chain management, telecom, and multichannel marketing and commerce for clients across North America, Europe, and Asia. He is a practicing Enterprise Architect with good experience in running successful IT consulting and strategy engagements; including digital transformation, design thinking, big data and analytics, cloud adoption, serverless architecture, micro services, etc. In his blogs, he will write on topics related to digital transformation, modernization transformation, open source adoption, cloud adoption, NoSQL Adoption, etc.

Amol Patki

Principle Consultant, Financial Services and Insurance – Agile Center of Excellence, Infosys

Amol PatkiAmol Patki provides leadership for initiatives around agile transformation and adoption, and consulting services on multiple engagements across business verticals. He has played a key role in formulating strategies and driving thorough changes to client organizations based on agile technologies.

Amol’s favorite topics include Lean, Kanban, scrum software development, as well as dominant agile ideas of the times – like agile adoption, agile transformation, distributed agile, and scaling agile.

Anil Radhakrishnan

Senior Associate Consultant – Financial Services and Insurance, Infosys

Anil RadhakrishnanAnil is involved in various activities such as pre-sales, business research, business development, product and mobile app analysis, and client pursuits. He is also closely involved in new product development.

Anil demonstrates thought leadership in social media payments and user experience in the area of banking services.

Anil will blog on user experience, social media, big data, and emerging payment systems.

Anuj Jain

Senior Project Manager, ADM Practice, Corporate Business IT Services (BITS), Infosys

Anuj JainWith more than 15 years of IT industry experience, Anuj Jain manages the platform roadmap and collaborative deliveries for the Infosys Development Platform.

Anuj has experience in managing large-scale complex programs, including large greenfield application development programs, as well as managing SLA-based service delivery for medium to large application portfolios in the financial services and insurance (FSI) domain.

Anuj will blog on application lifecycle management, development and maintenance, and related practices and methodologies.

Anupama Rathi

Head - Agile Practice, Corporate Business IT Services (BITS), Infosys

Anupama RathiAnupama is part of the Application Maintenance and Development (ADM) practice at Infosys. She currently works across multiple verticals to structure Agile Delivery Processes.

With more than 17 years of industry experience, Anupama has been involved in delivering ADM Services for over 14 years. At Infosys, she has been pivotal in setting up the Agile Center of Excellence (CoE).

Anupama will keep you posted on various topics around Agile Projects Scalability, Scrum Adoption, Agile Challenges, and Distributed Execution of Agile.

Apeksha Singh

Assistant Marketing Manager, Application Development and Maintenance (ADM) Practice, Infosys

Apeksha SinghApeksha has eight years of industry experience. Currently, as an assistant marketing manager, she markets ADM services. In addition, Apeksha is responsible for driving awareness, demand generation, and supports business growth through branding, and various marketing initiatives.

As a guest blogger, she will be blogging on ADM, trends, and practices.

Bharath Kumar Purvam

Senior Consultant, GMUADM, Infosys

Bharath Kumar PurvamBharath is a technology professional with more than seven years of experience, specializing in market research, business analysis, Agile execution, presales and product development. At Infosys, he is currently working as a product consultant for digital commerce. Bharath played a key role in the conceptualization and development of Infosys Digitize Edge Monetization Engine, an ecommerce product for global telecom operators.

In his blogs, Bharath will focus on the dynamic environment of Agile development.

Deepti Seshadri

Project Manager, Application Development and Maintenance (ADM) practice, CORPBITS, Infosys

Deepti SeshadriFor the last ten years, Deepti Seshadri has been an important part of large development and re-engineering programs at Infosys. These programs span across multiple domains such as banking, insurance and healthcare.

As a project manager, Deepti has been managing programs that focus on incubation of offerings in the application service domain, solution design and development. At Infosys, she has been instrumental in setting up and managing the User Experience Center of Excellence.

Deepti will blog about user experience and allied trends in technology and services.

Dheeraj Keswani

Marketing Manager, ADM Practice, Corporate Business IT Services (BITS), Infosys

Dheeraj KeswaniDheeraj Keswani holds key responsibilities for developing and executing marketing and communication initiatives to significantly support business growth as well as improve brand visibility in the market.

Dheeraj will blog on futuristic trends in application services.

Gautam Khanna

Practice Manager, ADM Practice, Infosys

Gautam KhannaGautam has close to 15 years of experience in Application Services, and has diverse experience ranging from large program management to account management. In his current role, he leads the Application Maintenance practice.

Gautam will blog on Application Services.

Gayathri Rajamanickam

Technical Architect

Gayathri RajamanickamGayathri Rajamanickam is a Technical Architect with in-depth experience in architecting and building large scale web applications, RESTful web services and reusable frameworks for complex enterprise applications. She is a Full Stack Web Application Specialist, worked on end to end application development using Angular, ASP.NET MVC, Web API, Node.js, MongoDB, Oracle and SQL Server.

Her expertise includes Microsoft.NET Technologies, Single Page Application development, Responsive Web Design, Rich Internet Applications and AWS cloud platform. She is an AWS certified Solution Architect, holds IBM Bluemix certification, has 5+ certifications on Microsoft.NET technologies.

Irfan Sayed

Principal Consultant, ADMOH, Infosys

Irfan SayedIrfan is a veteran with over 12 years of experience in DevOps and cloud computing. He currently serves as a Principal Consultant at Infosys. Having worked with various Fortune 500 companies across verticals, he is an expert in helping them define and realize cutting-edge technologies and architecture strategies. During the course of his career, he has worked closely with architecture groups of several enterprises. His area of expertise include DevOps implementation, cloud computing assessment, and CI / CD pipelines . Of course, his certifications in Rackspace and cloud enhance his credentials further.

Follow his blogs to gain expert insights on Internet of Things (IoT), big data analytics, and cloud solutions.

Kartik Matmari

Senior Project Manager, MFGADM, Infosys

Kartik MatmariKartik oversees delivery and program management for a client and is based out of the US. He has been involved in large pursuits and sales engagements. His responsibilities have also included end-to-end ownership of delivery for complex engagements. In addition, he has represented Infosys at various forums and customer events worldwide.

Kartik will blog on global agile delivery, partner management, software as a service, service-oriented architecture, and digital marketing – with a focus on leveraging the Infosys BrandEdge platform for customer solutions.

Nagesh Chilamkurthi

Delivery Manager, ADM Practice, Corporate Business IT Services (BITS), Infosys

Nagesh ChilamkurthiNagesh Chilamkurthi holds responsibility for the following: Solution architecture, developing the center of excellence (CoE); and driving thought leadership, product evaluations, roadmap definitions, alliance partnering, and program management.

His key focus areas are processes, platforms, and tools for application support and maintenance.

Nagesh will blog on best practices in application management, process frameworks, platforms and tools.

Nikolay Kolesnikov

Principal Consultant, ADMOH

Nikolay KolesnikovNikolay Kolesnikov is a Principal Architect having over 14 years of experience in software engineering, and five years of experience working at Infosys. He has worked with different companies across verticals, helping them utilize different database technologies and implement various performance strategies. A certified Cassandra and DataStax Enterprise Architect, he has worked closely with architectural groups of several enterprises. In his blogs, he will write on topics related to distributed algorithms, multiprocessing programming, and system performance.

Neeraj Joshi

Associate Vice President, Application Development, Business IT Services, Infosys

Neeraj JoshiNeeraj has 16 years of experience in Application Development and Maintenance industry. He has successfully spearheaded many large custom application development projects and transformation programs, which surpassed the business objectives and created significant value for the clients.

Neeraj specializes in developing key strategies that help organizations achieve success, by generating value from their application portfolio. In addition, he has worked extensively in the Healthcare domain, and has led Healthcare practice delivery for Infosys.

Neeraj will blog on Custom Application Development, Extending Enterprise Applications to Mobile, Cloud Based Application Delivery, Application Integration, Enhancing Developer Productivity, and Health Information Technology.

Padmanabhan Venkataraman

Vice President (U.S. Operations) Business IT Services, Infosys


VenkataramanPaddy has 32 years of industry experience. At Infosys, he accelerated the growth of U.S. Aerospace business, firmly establishing engineering services business in the market. Paddy also spearheaded the Canadian market as the Country Head, and delivered growth in a short span.

Besides, he introduced product quality and Six Sigma at Infosys, orchestrated ambassador account management excellence program and piloted the Long Horn account management process.

Presently as a Vice President at Infosys, he is heading U.S. operations and IT service delivery.

Paddy will blog on Service Differentiation Through Aggregation and Abstraction, Paradox Principles in Leadership and Market Creation Paradigms.

Prasad Prabhakaran

Principal Consultant — Enterprise Quality Solutions, Infosys

Prasad PrabhakaranPrashant Prasad Prabhakaran has 14 years of experience in strategizing the right agile transformation for enterprises. Prasad, over the last decade, has helped enterprises bring out business agility through the right transformation strategy.

He also has extensive experience in building enterprise-scaled agile framework solutions. These solutions help organizations translate engineering outcomes to business outcomes. They also work across heterogeneous vendors, tools, and products in a distributed ecosystem.

Prasad will blog about enterprise agility, product engineering and application lifecycle management.

Prashant Pawar

Delivery Manager, Business IT Services, Infosys

Prashant PawarPrashant has more than 15 years of experience. He has skills in account management, delivery management, project management, pre sales, and operations. Prashant also worked as a delivery anchor for large development projects.

In addition, he has delivered complex application development assignments and managed large clients across Canada, Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore, and Australia.

Prashant will blog on Application Development and Portfolio Transition.

Raghu Angara

Principal Consultant, Retail, CPG, Logistics and Life Sciences – Agile Practice, Infosys

Raghu AngaraRaghu Angara holds responsibility for evangelizing around Agile software development, as well as setting up the Agile practice in the Americas.

In the past, Raghu has carried through large organizational transitions for Agile adoption at a global level, including in distributed environments. He offers workshops on Agile adoption and transition, especially for clients in the US.

Raghu blogs on topics like evangelizing Agile, Agile adoption and methods, technical debt, continuous integration, distributed Agile, and test-driven development (TDD).

Rajib Deb

Senior Principal, Open Source, Infosys

Rajib DebRajib has over 19 years of IT experience with more than 15 years in the IT Managed Services domain in various roles. He has worked for five years in Infosys, where he currently leads the Open Source Development and Migration practice. Prior to this, he led the automation practice in Infosys, working on Application Deployment Manager (ADM), leveraging DevOps practices, machine learning (ML), and natural language processing (NLP). He has developed next-generation Infosys Application Services blueprint which focused on three important aspects — industrialized service delivery, business value, and transformation — to make operations efficient and enable the support team for transformation and innovation.

Ranjib is certified in MongoDB and DevOps. His other certifications include INS21, ITIL-Basic, ITIL-intermediate (Service Design), LOMA 280, LOMA 290, and IBM Certification-DB2. As a testimony to his merit, he has received an award of excellence for driving automation implementation in Infosys based on artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning. He attained his bachelor of engineering (BE) degree in electronics & communication engineering (ECE) from NIT, Bhopal; and master of science (MS) degree in computer science from Illinois State University. Through the medium of his blog posts, he will talk about topics related to digital transformation, modernization transformation, open source adoption, cloud adoption, NoSQL Adoption, and AI and ML based algorithms.

Sameer Govind Joshi

Senior Project Manager, Application Development and Maintenance (ADM) Practice Team, Infosys

Sameer Govind JoshiSameer has close to ten years of industry experience. He has worked on large development and re- engineering programs for retail and healthcare clients. In addition, Sameer was also part of a team that developed program maintainability index.

Currently as Senior Project Manager, he implements innovative ideas for Application Development (AD) differentiation in market space, and focuses on AD methodologies to cut down costs and improve time to market.

Sameer will blog on Legacy Modernization, Component Based Development and New Trends in Technology/ Services.

Suman Sasmal

Vice President and Service Delivery Head, CORPBITS, Infosys

Suman SasmalSuman has 25 years of leadership experience in service delivery, sales and country business. He has developed and mentored several high performing teams and individuals. Besides, Suman was responsible for bringing in several large accounts for Infosys.

Currently as a Vice President and Service Delivery Head, he leads Application Development and Maintenance (ADM) practice at Infosys. Suman specializes in driving growth and industry leadership, through differentiated service offerings and thought leadership.

Suman will blog on Outsourcing, Leadership and People Management.

Vageesh Patwardhan

Group Project Manager, ADM Practice, Corporate Business IT Services (BITS), Infosys

Vageesh PatwardhanVageesh manages programs that focus on incubation of innovations in application services — including user experience design, application modernization, and threat management.

Vageesh has 15 years of industry experience, 12 of which are at Infosys — where he has managed several large transformational programs for healthcare clients. One of his key contributions to the application services domain is conceptualizing a patent-pending method of determining maintainability of software applications through measurement of product quality.

Vageesh will blog on new trends in application development, user experience and application modernization.