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September 29, 2015

Asset Management Solution by 2020


Today organizations are well aware-off on the context of asset reliability, return on asset, asset sustainability, risk & asset scalability, but there is no clear visibility where they stand now on these metrics or benchmarks. Given the opportunity most of the organizations like to reduce their spend on the existing assets on the other hand they intend to have a comprehensive asset management solution to keep their assets active as well as monitor them effectively. Key challenges that the organizations have come across in Asset Management space are

Over years, enterprise asset management has been continuously revamped to meet the evolving asset management strategies. In order to maximize asset performance over its life cycle, organizations are now focusing towards smart asset management solutions that deals with both the process and data throughout asset lifecycle management.

Modern Asset Management Solutions looking towards

  • Multi-tasking from a single user interface

  • Access data at any time and everywhere - data intelligence

  • Solutions compatibility across all services/businesses

  • Plug and Play Solution Packages (Non-technical)

  • Data/Process collaboration with other similar organizations to derive the best of breed solutions/practices

  • Align business with international asset management standards like PAS55 and ISO 55001

  • Support asset audits to assess asset maturity level

  • Reactive to Predictive to Pro-active maintenance

In today's world vendors in the Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) market space are constantly re-designing and innovating on their software solutions, as a result of which, asset management solutions have been re-shaped/re-modelled to suit the changing organization requirements, competitive market needs, regulatory & HSE (Health, Safety & Environment) compliances and cost effective solutions.

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