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Can Blockchain provide your Chatbot the inventory for enhanced query handling?

Bob, an impatient customer who has recently approached your Bank for a loan, logs in to the self-service portal and starts interacting with Qbot (your pet chatbot that queries your Loan processing Blockchain/DLT). 

He wants to know the typical SLA for getting a Loan approval. No problem says Qbot- "it takes about 3 to 5 days on an average".

His colleagues have warned him, that for a loan amount as high as his (he needs the money to buy a posh apartment at the city centre) it will take longer than a week; after all the credit departments will have to check his credit score, determine the valuation of the property through independent appraisers and scrutinise his income and liabilities more extensively. 

"Tell me Qbot, whether the credit department's independent valuation of the identified property matched my Loan amount?", Bob asks.

Qbot, "Apparently the evaluators had submitted their appraisal report yesterday, and the records don't suggest any discrepancy"

Blockhain/DLT provides a consistent version of truth across disparate network participants, involved at different stages of an end-to-end process (in this example the Loan Origination Process).

A Blockchain and AI based Query handling enables timely and accurate information dissemination, ensures data privacy and protects against potential security compliance lapse. It drives customer's acceptance of the self-service channel, thus reducing an Institution's customer handling cost and enhances customer experience, positively impacting the Net Promoter Score (NPS).


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