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Using Your Peripheral Vision

Recently I was driving my car on a long distance trip and I noticed how I was using my peripheral vision more than I usually do during my daily routine. I was constantly scanning not just the road ahead of me but also everything on both sides of the road, and making some calculated changes to my driving style to be prepared for anything. This is mandatory in Indian driving conditions because there are some well-known "hazards" that will keep popping up in front of you. These could be stray dogs, domestic cattle, local cyclists, school children, or the most dangerous one "The daring teenager on bike".
Coming back to peripheral vision, the idea is to maintain the focus on the road but at the same time train your mind to "look out", so that it becomes a habit that flows naturally. And then it struck me, mature BPO buyers are no longer focusing only on their "Tunnel Vision" which is labor arbitrage. Like the car trip, the prime objective still remains going from point A to point B -- which is reducing the cost of operations -- but they are also asking the service providers to use their "peripheral vision"  to lookout and avoid potential hazards for the business, and to be flexible enough to change the driving style, if required.
And just like in driving a car, for it to be effective, the use of peripheral vision has to become a habit. A service provider should continuously look for Continuous Improvements Opportunities, advise the partner firm on potential areas of growth, and create such confidence with the customer that he is even willing to let you drive his Porsche on busy Indian roads.


Great parellel has been drawn here between driving on a Indian highway and expectation of mature BPO buyers. To meet these expectation, BPO's in 2012 and forward will have to invest stronly in training there executives across the organzation to develop peripheral vision.

Interesting comparison drawn. Client's expectations from their service providers has increased, moving from the transactional procurement services to more value added,transaformational services inclined towards sourcing and category management, which does require peripheral vision.

In a way this article is an eye opener for BPO's who rely only on providing cost arbritage to clients. The big question here is as the client's expectation grows day by day, are Indian service provider specially small and mid sized one are capable enough to add value to the client's business.

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