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Aim, Hit, Goal!

If you ask anyone what the goal of strategic sourcing is, the answer that you would generally get is 'savings'. That might be one of the primary goals in the strategic sourcing kitty but is that the only one? Long gone are the days when the sourcing & procurement department was considered as just an order administration office. Now the sourcing team is proving its worth as a value adding component of the overall machinery of the firm and hence, has been rightly prefixed with the term 'strategic'.

A few of the goals that strategic sourcing should accomplish are supplier performance & relationship management, risk management, adopting new innovations & technology advancements, and supporting the cause of responsible & sustainable procurement (corporate purchasing responsibility).

So aim for the moon because even if you miss you might land up in the stars. But for aiming at the moon, one needs to get one's eyes off the ground. A sourcing department most of their time gets so involved in the daily operational nitty-gritties that focusing on strategic aspects appears to be a far-flung dream. Another factor is that it may just not have the skills, time, attention and intellectual wherewithal to become strategic. Outsourcing is one of the ways by which many organizations have ensured a transformational shift in in-house focus from transactional to strategic activities in the sourcing domain and often at much lower costs along with breakthrough benefits. Are you one among them? If not, do you have plans to aim and hit the goal post this way? Let's continue the conversation.


Good write Deepa. Aiming and hitting are causes that produce effect called Goal. You rightly mentioned that procurement outsourcing service provider can support organizations in helping them set realistic aims and making the right hits within the available resources. Sheer rigor is a core requirement to connect aim-hit-goal which both partners need to join hands for.

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