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The Procurement Olympics - Only a few win and stay ahead of the others


Managing a procurement function and proving its value to the organization continues to be like participating in the Olympics. Procurement teams across all industry verticals (automotive or pharma or healthcare etc.), face the competition every day from internal stakeholders and suppliers like any Olympic Games event. All three wanting to beat each other in deriving positive value to their organizations akin to the national respect athletes long to create by winning Olympic game events.

Like Michael Phelps, only those procurement teams win and continue to win who put in years of planning, execution excellence and finishing with support from their leaderships and extended organizations (most often, procurement outsourcing & transformation support partners). Top-notch athletes start preparation just after one Olympic ends and go on till the next one comes after 4 years. Winning procurement teams behave similarly. For them, achieving the next procurement performance level is always in the line of sight as the next Olympics. They plan their moves carefully and work every day, month to make that happens with inclusive support from their procurement outsourcing & transformation support partners.

So if you are part of a Procurement function in any organization, charge up and seize the infinite opportunities that lie before you to grab, like Olympic medals. You can be the next winner and imagine how it feels to be a winner with a podium finish. Take help of your partners to chalk out a plan and execute or go solo - choices are aplenty. Good luck for your plans ahead and may you win handsomely.


Well said CK

CK - Perfect timing for the blog. Good blog.

Sweet timing CK - good one

Good analogy....

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