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Transforming Corporate Travel Programs through Technology


Technology has a key role to play in transforming the tiring travel experiences of the past to one of eager expectancy. In today's time sourcing the right technology combination for one's workforce has become imperative.

As a person in the proud possession of a passport with 2 additional booklets appended and with almost all pages freckled with the entry and exit evidences of numerous visits to numerous countries over the past 15 years, I consider myself to be a seasoned traveler. 15 years back, I took my first international flight to London.

On a more recent travel to Charlotte, USA, via Paris, for some strange reason, I found myself comparing the present travel experience with that first experience. First tryst is supposedly the one which everyone remembers the most. For me, that first travel experience had a lot of good memories and a few bad. But, what really awestruck me, while I was sitting on that aisle seat of the Boeing 777 flight, and with little else to do, was the significant changes that advent of technology and Web3.0 brought about to ease the travel experience.

Right from the time I started to plan, book my ticket till the time I checked into my hotel room, technology made every part of this earlier complex process easy and also enabled me to sync my preferences with actual real touching experiences.

Whether it is the meta search sites for finding the best travel deals and the review sites for ensuring the selection of the right hotel, the booking tools for booking the air, hotel and car components tied back to your corporate TMC, the mobile device which has our booking confirmations, itinerary, alerts, and reviews, technology has altered the whole experience so much so that it is now a breeze to change your existing bookings without making, and being kept on hold on those endless phone calls. Modern technology, ever-growing list of Apps and our inclination towards gadgets have made everything much more easy and accessible. Using maps for selecting the hotel, planning your evenings by pre-booking shows or in fine dining, no surprises or shocks await to spoil your day or your visit.

Technology has a key role to play in transforming the tiring travel experiences of the past to one of eager expectancy. In today's time sourcing the right technology combination for one's workforce has become imperative. Today's Travel category manager is left to grapple with questions like:  which Booking tool? Which Smartphone? What technology? Whom to integrate with? How to do all this securely? Etc.

A truly optimized corporate travel program utilizes the right mix of technology, agency provider, and suppliers. A one-size-fits-all approach typically results in lost savings opportunities that will go unrealized until every aspect of your corporate travel supply chain is analyzed and optimized. Today, many companies rely on its vendors for important program decisions. What clients are increasingly looking for someone who represents them, not vendors. an expert at Strategic Sourcing - from travel agency to technology vendors to supplier negotiation. Our Strategic Sourcing practice helps to optimize your corporate travel program, helping in sourcing best fit technology of any area of your business that touches travel.

Clients have increasingly shown interest in Individual consulting projects that are comprehensive and actionable. Providing corporate travel benchmarks, internal key performance indicators against industry standards, perform necessary fee and service audits, and finally provide a roadmap to drive additional ROI from the program in terms of traveller satisfaction and net savings for the corporation.

In my next post I will be talking about recent Mobile technology advancement in Travel and how today corporate traveller is using them.


Sanjeev - Excellent start. Eager about the next. You are right on the web based tools now. But, still there are glitches - last minute changes not taken, booking confirmation received but not updated in system and many more. Look forward to your next one. Keep blogging.

Very good and insightful note. It is surprising how far we have come from the days of chasing travel agents for every small detail about booking travel to doing everything on our own and entirely on go!!

A very interesting read, Sanjeev. Especially liked the anecdotal approach - engaging through the end.

Very good read Sanjeev. Something which we all can relate to.

Indeed technology has changed the way of doing things and has made it easier,faster and just a click of a mouse to getting travel arrangements done.
However as you said a company can leverage the right mix of travel offering combined with technology only after careful analysis of a companies travel program combined with best practices and market intelligence and capabilities at handling travel related sourcing.

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