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Digging for Digital Gold


Will the content companies make money looking for gold? - they will; but so also will the companies providing the picks and shovels and jeans.

While vagaries and nuances and mega-trends proliferate - today's Digital Consumer has consistently spoken loud and clear over the last several years.

I - the Digital Consumer - want (must have/demand):

Any content (Movies, TV Shows, Music, Sports Information, News, Pictures, Social Media ....)

Any where

(on) Any Device

(at) Any Time.


The (4) A's!

So what in the world does this have to do with a company such as Infosys BPO; as the Digital Consumer slogs himself/herself through the plethora of "stuff" - what nuggets lie within this that might be of interest to Infosys BPO?

The answer is - plenty!

Content Companies (think Hollywood Studios), Broadcast Networks and Cable Networks must provide a seamless, end-to-end set of services that enable the Digital Consumer to fully enjoy all of the experiences provided by these companies without thinking or doing anything that would be perceived out of their normal day-to-day activities.

And this is the opportunity for Infosys BPO - to design, build, and operate for our customers these services for the digital consumer.

Why look to an external provider?  The answer lies in the fact that while business models are becoming better defined and the skills needed to build and operate these services are becoming clearer and clearer - yet the ability to hire the necessary people and build and operate the infrastructure in this still chaotic environment is fraught with risk and peril. When such a situation is combined with the scarcity of capital it just makes sense to look outside for service providers with the core capabilities, established over an extended period of time - and the commitment and passion for this space - to provide these capabilities.

In the 1850's Gold was discovered in California making a lot of people very rich.  There were a lot of people who panned and panned and panned and never struck gold.  In looking back - where was the most money made?  Two companies come to mind.  One was Levi Strauss who made jeans for the gold miners - and of course - Levi's are still bought and sold all over the world today.  Another successful entrepreneur/service provider was the hardware company that manufactured and sold the picks and shovels and gold mining equipment for the miners - Leland Stanford was that entrepreneur who made enough to fund the building of railroads and to invest in what became one of the leading private Universities of today.

Will the content companies make money looking for gold? - they will; but so also will the companies providing the picks and shovels and jeans.

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