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Four Things to Enjoy at LegalTech 2013


Attending the annual LegalTech East allows attendees, presenters and vendors the opportunity to appreciate the scope of services and the pace of change in legal technologies.

Here are four things each participant can take away from LegalTech 2013:

  1. New Players - Check out the competition or find the next alliance partner.  If you want to know who is competing in the market, one need only walk through the exhibition halls. With flashy displays, ready hand shaking, give-aways, and more, the new entrants are out to be seen and heard.  The new players will be highlighting there differentiators - and Infosys will be among the exhibitors.  We will host booth 1603 and highlight all of the factors that make Infosys a vendor of choice.
  2. Technologies - Locate the innovators and take a test drive of the new offerings to support eDiscovery, Contracts Management or Knowledge Management.  Learn how the favorites have made upgrades or explore fresh interfaces.  Sometimes, I have found it more useful to know what technologies exist and what they do, even if I do not have a present use for them.  Inevitably, the day arises when I think, "I saw something that does 'this' at LegalTech - so I know it can be done!"  I want to be prepared to say "yes, we can" for the next special project.
  3. Thought Leadership - Study the conference schedule to find the hot topics and must-know for your next client meeting.  Depending on your background and experience, pick subjects to enhance your present knowledge; in eDiscovery, the sessions on best practices can reaffirm your present workflows or highlight areas for improvement, while the sessions on Big Data can help give scope and reference to issues facing the industry with the growth of electronic information.  The challenge is deciding which panel to attend, especially when two sessions of interest run concurrently.  I may have to find someone to take notes for me in a few sessions!
  4. Networking - Rekindle relationships and generate new ones. Or for job seekers, find out who is hiring and where the next best opportunities for growth exist; Alex Garcia, a recent Infosys hire was someone I met at LegalTech five years ago.   Many legal industry veterans would say that LegalTech is the one time each year they can count on crossing paths with long time connections.  Familiar faces and casual exchanges build links that can develop into the next alliance partner, client, acquisition target, or employment opportunity.  On several occasions, I have opened a door when I said, "I don't know them well, but I met them at LegalTech." I look forward to engaging with this year's attendees.


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