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Recruitment v/s Talent Acquisition


It is very common to mix up Talent Acquisition with Recruitment. I have often seen even seasoned HR professionals use the term interchangeably. So what is Talent Acquisition and how can we differentiate it from Recruitment? Here is a simple explanation.

We define Talent acquisition as "a strategic approach to identifying, attracting and onboarding top talent to efficiently and effectively meet business needs." 

The term Talent Acquisition (TA) is often used synonymously with Recruiting. However, these are two very different things. Recruiting is a part of talent acquisition, and includes the activities of sourcing, screening, interviewing, assessing, selecting and hiring. Talent Acquisition includes all the activities mentioned below:

Recruitment     >>      Sourcing    >>       Screening and Interviewing     >>    Employment Offers &     >>  Notification of non-selection

  • Recruitment is the process of inviting or soliciting prospective members, participants, and /or volunteers to join your organization, attend programming, and / or assist the leadership.
  • Sourcing is the process of identifying the potential candidate pool.
  • Screening and Interviewing is a most common way of short listing the right candidates for the job.
  • Once the candidate is selected, he/she will be getting the offer letters to join the company.
  • The candidates who did not get selected will receive a notification of non-selection.

This entire process is called Talent Acquisition, where in the recruitment process is just a step in talent acquisition, which helps to create a potential talent pool. Talent acquisition includes many other activities like Employer branding, Competency based hiring and Career Pathing etc.

Employer Branding refer to activities that help to uncover, articulate and define a company's image, organizational culture, key differentiators, reputation, and products and services. Employment branding can help advance the market position of organizations, attract quality candidates and depict what it is truly like to work for that organization.

Competency-based hiring is also a part of talent acquisition which stresses the importance of core competencies required for success and the subsequent evaluation of each candidate's demonstration of those competencies in their past experiences.

Career pathing involves understanding what knowledge, skills, personal characteristics, and experience are required for an employee to progress his or her career laterally, or through access to promotions and / or departmental transfers.

In short we can summarize that recruitment is a positive process. In which we invite the eligible candidates for the existing vacancies available in the organization. Talent acquisition is an ongoing cycle of process related to attracting, sourcing, recruiting and hiring employees within an organization.


what is the use of talent acquisition login infosys?

am getting 2nd time this mail but i don't understand when i can attend the interview will i get interview date and information i should wait for that or what, i need complete information....

Please tell me how to login with the details received in the mail sent by talent acquisition.

This is with reference to my previous comment.
I have got the right place to enter my login credentials.

Please tell me how to login with the details received in the mail sent by talent acquisition.

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