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Any content, anytime, anywhere, any device

Infosys has created a '4A intersection framework' that blends cloud implementation with insights from social media and advances in content search.

Four aces in a winning strategy for media and entertainment enterprises

Measuring up to today's digitally savvy customers who consider ubiquitous content consumption a fundamental right requires more than just technology. In my experience, 'Any Content, Anytime, Anywhere, on Any Device' or 4A is both a challenge and an opportunity for media and entertainment (M&E) companies.

The challenges in implementing 4A:

  • Anytime: More of a technology challenge as M&E companies try to improve their content delivery methodology in a manner where they can make use of existing customer bandwidth to deliver a satisfactory customer experience.
  • Anywhere: Similar to 'anytime,' with rights management, regulatory compliance and content format issues thrown in for good measure.
  • Any device: Catering to varied content formats that suit the customer's device of choice.
  • Any content: Converting any content into an 'all devices' compatible format. Since the device of choice for content consumption is most likely to be a digital one, the content also will need to be in the digital format. The device has to be equipped to showcase the content and since most of the content is subsidized through advertising, continuing to serve brands without compromising on customer experience is another critical aspect.

I believe that the cloud will play a major role in the implementing 4A. And as enterprises move to leverage the advantages that cloud offers, there are two corollary trends that appear with potential implications for content providers. One is the rise of social media, and the second is the need for instant search gratification.

As capitalizing on social conversations become increasingly important, a 'social media command center' can prove to be beneficial in interpreting social data and providing insights that enterprises can make use of to create products and tailor solutions. And the first steps in the holy grail of instant search gratification are enriched tagging and recommendations.

This is where a BPO partner with strong technology capabilities can help. And to meet these expectations, Infosys have created a '4A intersection framework' that blends cloud implementation with insights from social media and advances in content search. What it delivers is an intuitive and relevant content delivery framework that unlocks the monetization potential of 4A. Helping media and enterprises become more relevant among today's digital consumers and in "making them an offer they can't refuse".

To know more about our 4A framework, download our view point

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